What is Kratom Tea? Unraveling the Secrets of This Herbal Drink

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Super Speciosa Kratom Evening Tea herbal blend with cup of kratom tea and greenery.

Many kratom beginners find it easier to start their kratom journey with a gentle cup of kratom tea. While kratom powder is easier to prepare, some kratom lovers argue that kratom tea is much more enjoyable, especially in its flavorful blends.

When you need a little pick-me-up or a level head with focus, starting your day with kratom tea can be a game changer. If you are looking to convert to kratom tea from kratom powder or capsules, this blog is a perfect guide to getting into this powerful herbal tonic.

The Origins of Kratom Tea

Closely connected to the coffee plant, the kratom tree is a herb native to Southeast Asia and is scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa. The leaves of this wild plant are harvested and brewed in the form of crushed kratom leaves. While kratom does not contain caffeine like coffee, it does possess active compounds such as Mitragynine that can produce energetic effects.

Kratom has a centuries-long use by Southeast Asian natives. Locals either chewed on the kratom leaves or brewed them to make kratom tea. Kratom helped them fight physical and mental fatigue after long hours of labor in tough working conditions.

Unlike other forms of kratom consumption, kratom tea offers a gentle onset of effects. Enjoyed with every sip, it takes about 30 minutes to take effect and lasts for several hours. The effects range from soothing and relaxing to stimulating and energizing.

How to Make Kratom Tea

There are essentially two ways to make kratom tea. You can use kratom tea bags or kratom powder. The most effective way is to use kratom tea bags as they are similar to everyday tea bags.

Using Kratom Tea Bags

While powder or loose-leaf teas can be used to make kratom tea, things can get a little messy. 

This is why kratom tea bags work best. Just like everyday tea bags, simply place the tea bag in a mug and fill the mug with hot water. Let the tea bag steep for 10 to 15 minutes until it achieves its typical amber color.

Super Speciosa Kartom Tea Bags

Flavored Kratom Tea Blends:

At Super Speciosa, you can also find pre-made herbal tea blends. Enriched with flavorful ingredients, these blends are also a must-have for kratom tea lovers.

  • Kratom Sleepytime Tea Blend: This caffeine-free tea contains delicious, relaxing ingredients such as chamomile, lavender flower, and orange peel that work seamlessly with Red Maeng Da kratom leaf to ease you into night mode.
  • Kratom Evening Tea Blend: Put your worries aside, pour a cup, and savor a peaceful evening with this Red Bali kratom leaf blend. Added ingredients include turmeric root, ginger root, peppermint, cinnamon, Amalaki, oregano, rosemary, and black pepper.
  • Kratom Berry Tea Blend – This energizing herbal tea helps you kickstart your focus so you can get down to business. Ingredients include White Borneo kratom leaf, rosehip, chamomile hibiscus, rooibos, and natural flavor.
  • Kratom Lemom Morning Tea BlendWhite Maeng Da kratom leaf and zesty lemon work together to give your morning haze the boot. Ingredients include lemon peel, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and chamomile.
  • Kratom Tea Chai Blend – This kratom-infused chai tea will give you the energy boost you need to stay motivated throughout the day. Ingredients include Green Bali kratom leaf, rooibos, chamomile, carob, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and orange peel.

Using Kratom Powder

Sometimes, your favorite kratom strain might not be available in tea bags. Your only other option to make kratom tea is with the kratom powder. While you can make kratom tea with kratom powder, the texture, and flavor might not be as smooth.

To do this, mix the kratom powder with hot water and let it steep for at least 5-10 minutes. Once the tea is brewed, use a cheesecloth or a coffee filter to strain the powder for the best kratom tea experience.

Check out our previous blog on kratom tea with step-by-step instructions for some simple kratom recipes.

Different Variations and Recipes for Kratom Tea

Couple drinking Super Speciosa's herbal kratom tea blends.

Add a slice of lemon: Citrus fruits with their acidic compounds can activate alkaloids and give your kratom tea a pleasant taste. 

Add a sweetener: Many kratom tea lovers add honey, sugar, cinnamon, or stevia for a sweeter taste. 

For Iced Tea: Let it cool down in the fridge for an hour or so for a chilled kratom iced tea experience. 

Take it slow: Enjoy your tea slowly. It will help the effects roll in about half an hour. Check out these must-try kratom drinks for the summer!

What Super Speciosa Customers Say About Kratom Tea

“This [Green Maeng Da Kratom Tea] is a delicious product that makes an excellent morning tea with a little bit of honey. It does an excellent job of keeping me leveled off and relaxed. And the customer service is outstanding.”

“I highly recommend all of the tea bags by Speciosa. I appreciate everything this company puts into its product line. I love the QR on every bag or product so I can view the COA. Many companies out there are NOT transparent and require you to request in writing the COA of their product.”

“The flavors of this tea [Kratom Evening Tea Blend] are exceptional. The aromas place the mind into relax mode.”

Kratom Tea vs. Other Consumption Methods

Each kratom tea contains 4 grams of crushed leaf. Super Speciosa recommends 1-2 tea bags when brewing kratom tea. We do not recommend drinking more than 2 cups within 24 hours.

Since kratom tea is not as potent as other kratom products, you may need a larger serving size if you are looking for a stronger effect. With kratom powder, kratom tablets, and kratom capsules, you can take 2.4 grams worth to feel the effects. With kratom extract, which is made from concentrations of mitragynine, you will need even less.

What is kratom tea? Super Speciosa's Berry herbal kratom tea blend with cup of kratom tea and greenery.

Looking to see how kratom tea compares to other kratom products such as kratom capsules, gummies, or kratom extracts? Dive into the pros and cons of every type of kratom product.

Effects of Kratom

The desired effects of kratom tea can be felt within 30-45 minutes of consumption. Consumers have reported that kratom’s effects range from mood-lifting and increased energy levels, to relaxing and soothing, depending on the variety of strains and serving sizes. 

Potential Risks and Side Effects

Heavy use of kratom may lead to side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, constipation, itchiness, headache, frequent urination, or weight loss. If you are feeling any side effects, consult your healthcare provider for medical advice immediately.

Kratom supplements are not intended for medical use or to help with opioid withdrawal symptoms, opioid addiction cravings, or chronic pain relief. Instead, FDA-approved addiction treatment should be pursued.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kratom Tea

Is consuming kratom tea safe?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved kratom as a dietary supplement. However, this tea is generally safe when used responsibly and within recommended serving sizes. For more information, read our blog on kratom’s pharmacology and if kratom is safe.

What are the potential benefits of kratom tea?

Kratom offers several benefits that can enhance your overall well-being. It has the potential to provide an energy boost, improve your outlook, and induce deep relaxation. Many of our customers have shared positive experiences, ranging from mood enhancement and increased energy levels to calming and soothing effects. 

The specific effects may vary depending on the strain and serving size of kratom. Check out why people love kratom!

How long does kratom tea take to kick in?

Kratom effects can be felt within 15 minutes. However, it may take 30-45 mins for kratom to really kick in. Adding citrus ingredients can potentiate the drink.

What is kratom tea? Super Speciosa's selection of herbal kratom tea blends.

What is the recommended serving size for kratom tea?

Each kratom tea contains 4 grams of crushed leaf. Super Speciosa recommends 1-2 tea bags when brewing kratom tea. We do not recommend drinking more than 2 cups within 24 hours. 

To determine the sweet spot for yourself, trial and error is the best approach. Start with a low serving size and observe the effects of kratom. Do they feel just right for your desired effects or milder? Here’s our take on how much kratom you should take.

A second serving size should only be taken once the prior effects can no longer be felt. Make sure your body has taken the kratom well and has not caused any adverse effects. Read our in-depth guide on how often you should take kratom.

Are there any potential side effects of kratom tea?

Heavy use of kratom may lead to side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth, loss of appetite, constipation, itchiness, headache, frequent urination, or weight loss. 

Can kratom tea help with relaxation?

Kratom can help with relaxation and overall wellness goals with its unique alkaloids in the kratom leaf.

How should kratom tea be stored?

Kratom tea can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days for best results. Learn the best ways to store your kratom.

What is kratom?

Kratom or ketum/biak is a natural botanical also called Mitragyna Speciosa, and is available as a dietary supplement to enhance the daily functioning of the human mind and body. Natives of Southeast Asia in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand have been known to use this herb for centuries to fight physical and mental fatigue. Traditionally, kratom leaves were chewed or brewed to make kratom tea. 

Is kratom legal?

Kratom gummies are not legal everywhere in the United States of America. Super Speciosa doesn’t ship to any address where kratom is illegal. Check kratom legality in your state.

In some states, cities, and counties, it is scheduled as a controlled substance. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has listed kratom as a “drug of concern”, even though this has been debunked by renowned scientists and the leading kratom advocacy group, the American Kratom Association

States where kratom is illegal: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. 

Cities and counties where kratom is currently illegal: Sarasota County in Florida, Union County, MS, San Diego, CA, Jerseyville, IL, Oceanside, CA, and Ontario, OR. For the latest news on kratom legality, read our news section.

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