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Table of Contents

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Exciting news for all kratom lovers and especially fans of our BOLD line of kratom products!

Super Speciosa is thrilled to announce the launch of an all-new innovative and super strong kratom product: the Emerald Select Enhanced Kratom Capsules, available on our website on January 20th.

Brace yourself for a kratom experience 4x stronger than regular powder – these capsules deliver an unparalleled punch of strength. Keep reading for more details and reviews from our beta testers!

What Are Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules?

First off, these are the strongest capsules we have ever made. But what is an enhanced kratom product? Let’s dive right in.

Enhanced kratom powder is a blended form of kratom leaf powder and kratom extract powder. The extract powder enhances the leaf powder, boosting the alkaloid levels for consistent strength and an intense kratom experience.

The Emerald Select is well-balanced with kratom extract to give you maximum energy and focus throughout the day, providing effects comparable to green strains.

Super Speciosa’s Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules come in beautiful green packaging carrying 10 capsules each. These are great for energy and focus.

If you take regular kratom capsules, you might be surprised by the packaging count. But because these are extra-strength capsules, you only need one capsule for a serving. Here’s why:

Each enhanced capsule contains 9.5% total alkaloids and 6.62% mitragynine per capsule. The alkaloids in enhanced capsules are literally four times the normal total alkaloid levels (2.4% average) in regular products.

Our recommended serving size for the new Emerald Select is just 1 capsule per serving. This means you no longer need to toss 5-6 capsules for your regular serving.

As always, do not exceed two servings in 24 hours. 

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More Energy Than Ever Before – Why You Should Take Enhanced Kratom Capsules

Our lucky pre-release users have been enjoying the new product, and have left us these raving reviews:

“I have been a kratom user for over 7 years. I’ve tried many brands, strains, and types. This is by far the best extract I’ve had. It’s strong, even for someone like me who has a high tolerance. I felt so motivated and energized but not jittery when I took it. I ended up cleaning out and organizing my closet! These are so awesome, and I think they’re a perfect caffeine substitute. Great for work or school.”

“Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules are great for the times when you need that burst of energy and want to take less capsules. They pack smooth energy to get your mornings started right!”

“I really enjoyed the new Bold Enhanced Capsules. It’s a nice slow, pleasant build.”

“A nice focused mind along with a calm feeling over body. Very well done balanced green strain.”

“This product is really something special. Midway through my morning, I was beginning to feel sluggish and in need of caffeine, but after 1 capsule, I didn’t need it. It was the perfect mid-morning pick-me-up. I was motivated, calm, and clear-headed, and I found it easy and fun to engage with coworkers and customers at my workplace. I was not jittery in the slightest.“

“There is a sweet spot that is just right, mentally, emotionally, physically, and this product hits it. Honestly, this is up there with the best kratom products I’ve ever had, and I’ll be adding it to my rotation for days when I want to reach for caffeine but don’t want the jitters and anxiety that come with it. Super Speciosa always raising the bar! They have a loyal customer in me.”

“I tried this product at different times throughout the day. I found for myself it was more effective in the morning first thing in the morning. I loved the get-up-and-go it gave me to get my day started. I would definitely but this product and use it again.”

“Definitely felt alert, focused, and motivated. No irritability or jitters. Nice internal feeling of well-being that high mit gives me. Good stuff!!!”

“This was a great way to relax at the end of the day. It really helped me wind down and enjoy my evening after a long, busy day. Also, a plus, I slept amazing.”

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Safe Usage Guidelines

Given its potency, this product is more suitable for experienced kratom consumers. Super Speciosa strongly suggests sticking to our guidelines to ensure a safe and pleasurable kratom experience. 

Explore further insights into the recommended safe usage of kratom. 

If you’re on medication or have health conditions, it’s crucial to consult your healthcare provider before trying kratom. Kratom is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Embrace a safety-first approach, stay informed, and relish the benefits of kratom responsibly. 

Other Must-Try Kratom Products By Super Speciosa  

Discover high-mitragynine kratom products beyond capsules:

Mango Extra Strength Kratom Gummies: Savor the vibrancy of kratom with each gummy packing a potent punch with 35mg of mitragynine.

Signature Reserve Kratom Powder: With 1.5% mitragynine guaranteed, our Signature Reserve kratom powder is here to power you through even the toughest days.

Jolt Kratom Extract Soft Gels: Each powered by 15mg of the finest kratom extract (mitragynine), these soft gels can do it all.

Velveteen Nano Kratom Powder: Crafted from ultra-fine nano kratom, Velveteen boasts high bioavailability, giving you maximum benefit from each serving.

Why Choose Super Speciosa Kratom Products?

At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to consumer safety and the delivery of premium-quality kratom products with every new release.

Our cGMP processes adhere to strict documentation, lab testing, and manufacturing procedures. Super Speciosa’s transparency is unmatched, providing you with detailed batch numbers and precise lab test reports for the product you hold.

We follow industry guidelines for contaminants, alkaloids, and heavy metals, including those from the American Herbal Products Association and NSF.

As always, the AKA GMP-Qualified seal of approval represents our commitment to industry standard safety practices in production and packaging.

Rest assured that our kratom extract products are the safest supplements available. Your health and safety are our utmost concern.


Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules mark a new era in kratom satisfaction. With four times the typical alkaloid content and a convenient one-capsule serving, it’s a game-changer.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned kratom consumer, join us for a robust, efficient, and simply exceptional kratom journey!

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What are kratom capsules?

Kratom capsules are a convenient form of consuming kratom, a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. At Super Speciosa, kratom capsules contain pure Mitragyna speciosa leaf powder inside a gelatin casing. 

This product offers a discreet and tasteless way to enjoy the effects of kratom, providing ease of use and precise serving size for individuals seeking a more controlled consumption experience.

Here’s additional details on kratom capsules and Super Speciosa’s capsule selection, 

What makes Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules different from other kratom products?

Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules pack 4x the usual alkaloids, 6.62% mitragynine per capsule, and a total alkaloid concentration of 9.5%. One capsule equals a full serving, making it more potent and convenient than other kratom products.

Are Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules lab-tested for quality and safety? 

Yes. Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules undergo rigorous third-party lab testing to meet the highest purity, potency, and safety standards.

Explore our lab testing procedures in this comprehensive blog. 

How many Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules should I take as a first-time consumer?

For first-time kratom consumers, we recommend starting with one capsule. 

Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules deliver a potent impact with high-mitragynine levels. It’s essential to gauge your individual response and adjust as needed for a personalized and enjoyable kratom experience.

Where can I buy Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules near me?

You can buy our Emerald Select Enhanced Capsules directly from our website. We offer fast shipping and easy ordering to make your experience as convenient as possible. All orders placed before 2 p.m. EST are shipped the same day (excluding Sundays and Postal Holidays).If you’re looking to buy kratom capsules near you, check out our ultimate guide for more information.

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