The New Special Kratom Powder Batch TITAN is Out To Conquer!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

All hail Titan! The first of its name, the new king of our latest specialty kratom powder batches.

It isn’t so often that we find alkaloid profiles stronger than our popular Signature Reserve. But here we are with another special batch of kratom powder to knock you off your feet.

What is Super Speciosa’s Specialty Kratom?

For those who are new to Super Speciosa, specialty kratom powder batches are a regular feature for us. In 2023, we released many of these batches, one after another, every month.

These special batches are rare-to-find kratom with unique standout alkaloid profiles. Like hidden gems, our rigorous lab testing occasionally strikes gold for our consumers, giving us premium batches like Titan and previously released Big Bang 2.0, Velveteen, and Peace Out.

Titan – The New King of Specialty Kratom Batches

Titan is another one of our super-selling green vein strains with an astounding 1.79% MIT. This is at least a few points higher than our mostly available Signature Reserve which averages 1.5% to 1.6% in mitragynine content.

What to Expect

Expect a burst of energy, optimism, and do-it-all attitude in combination with overall balanced effects for both body and mind.

Titan feels old school and carries a semblance of first-time kratom effects –  smooth all-day energy, and a jolt of motivation to get you going with a light feeling of calm.

Pricing and Available Sizes

Titan is available in two packaging sizes and the same affordable ‘premium kratom at a non-premium price.’

20g Bag – $9.99

250g Bag – $49.99

How to TITAN in Your Daily Kratom Routine

With 1.79% mitragynine content, Titan has undeniable strength. As always, kratom servings can be adjusted and dialed down or up to find YOUR perfect serving. 

However, we recommend you follow the golden kratom rule: Less is energizing. More is relaxing.

For kratom powder, 2.4g makes one serving and you shouldn’t exceed 2 servings in a day.

Optimal Timing: Most often, you would love Titan in the early hours of your day for energy and focus or as an evening booster for your social events and friendly hangouts. 

Other consumers can also benefit from its relaxing effects, taking relief from physical discomfort or de-stressing after a long day.

Activities to Pair With: Titan is a great choice for taking on tasks requiring long focus or as a pre-workout to challenge yourself in physically grinding activities like a weekend hike or rock climbing session.

Perfect for Strain Rotation: Titan is a refreshing addition to your daily selection. With its strength and potency, Titan can switch things up and add a little spice to your regular kratom servings.

Watch Out for a Sellout

Titan like all our specialty kratom will be available for a limited time only and as it happens, our stock runs out fast with so many of you waiting. Here’s how the last release panned out: 

“Special batches are getting to be like hitting the lottery to get. Don’t sit on them when they come out if you can help it! I know, I’ve missed out on quite a few.” – Nick D. 

“Wow, at 9 am this morning I received an email.. went to order at 11 am …said it was sold out .. snooze and lose.. maybe I’ll be able to get some next time.” – Kenny D.

Previous Specialty Batches By Super Speciosa

Here are a few honorable mentions from previous Super Speciosa’s unique special releases!

Big Bang 2.0: Sold out within two hours of release, Big Bang 2.0 was our highest mitragynine kratom batch ever.

“This could be my favorite strain I’ve ever had from Super Speciosa. It could be the best strain I’ve ever had from anyone. So fire!”

Peace Out Kratom Powder: Like its name suggests, Peace Out made the buzz for its extra special soothing effects.

“A very smooth and effective and relaxing Kratom. I would say the best evening batch you have made.”

Velveteen Nano Kratom Powder: Velveteen was our latest innovation in kratom powder products. It got much love for its super dissolvability and consistency.

“This Kratom dissolved in hot water much better and was way less gritty. It also kicked in faster. Way to go guys!”

Why Super Speciosa is the Best Kratom Vendor

We have a few reasons why but here’s how Andrew, one of our verified customers, puts it:

“Super Speciosa is without a doubt, the best Kratom vendor business hands down. 

They sell good kratom of course. But the reason they’re easily #1 in my eyes is due to their transparency and customer service.

Testing every batch of Kratom, and listing preciously what % of mitragynine (the active ingredient in Kratom) is a very honest way of doing business and knowing what you’re buying. 

How would anyone actually know what they’re putting in and/or feel comfortable buying their Kratom if they didn’t have this information? It would be a gamble or a shot in the dark.

Anyone could crumble up some plant and claim that it’s good. A real business label precisely the potency you’re buying.

Why other companies don’t do the same is beyond me.

Other companies would only withhold that information if they don’t want us to know, or they themselves don’t know. Either way is bad.

Thank you Super Speciosa.” 


What is Titan?

Titan is our latest specialty kratom batch, with 1.79% MIT content.

What makes Titan different from other kratom products?

With an astounding 1.79% mitragynine content, Titan is stronger than our regular kratom strains.

What’s mitragynine?

Mitragynine is one of the major indole alkaloids and active compounds found in kratom. It is the powerhouse behind kratom’s mood-boosting properties.

Is Titan lab tested for quality and safety? 

Yes, all of our products undergo rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure they meet the highest purity, potency, and safety standards. This is how we identify such standout special batches.

Explore our lab testing procedures in this comprehensive blog. 

How should I start using Titan as a first-time consumer?

Super Speciosa’s recommended serving size is 2.4g for powdered kratom. If you do not have a digital scale to measure precisely, 1 teaspoon equals around the same amount. Remember to adjust your serving size based on the density of the powder. 

As a beginner, start small and adjust your serving size to suit your preferences. Remember not to exceed two servings in a day.

To understand kratom powder better, check out this detailed guide. 

Where can I buy Titan near me?

Titan is exclusively for sale on our website only. This premium batch is not available with our retail partners due to its unique offering and limited availability. We offer fast shipping and easy ordering to make your experience as convenient as possible. All orders placed before 2 p.m. EST are shipped the same day (excluding Sundays and Postal Holidays).

If you’re looking to buy kratom powder near you, check out our ultimate guide for more information.

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