Stepping into the Comfort Zone with Special Batch “Peace Out”

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Special Batch Peace Out kratom powder with kratom drink, sage incense and greenery.

Every now and then, a product comes along that genuinely captures the essence of its name. Enter “Peace Out”, our latest specialty batch kratom strain. More than just a catchy title, Peace Out offers a much-needed break from the relentless rhythm of daily life. So, let’s dive into what makes this strain so unique and how you can maximize its benefits.

What Sets Special Batch “Peace Out” Apart?

At its core, Peace Out is a full-spectrum red vein kratom powder, beloved for its naturally calming and relieving properties. It stands out not just for its relaxation effects, but for its unique alkaloid profile. Where many kratom strains may offer an energetic boost, Peace Out opts for a more peaceful route. It’s the equivalent of wrapping yourself in a warm blanket after a long, chilly day.

While other specialty batches, like Total Mood and Max Relax, have been game-changers in their own right, offering relaxation and mood enhancement, “Peace Out” brings something unique to the table. What truly distinguishes Peace Out from these past relaxation-focused specialty batches is its unparalleled capability to provide profound relief to the body. It doesn’t just soothe the mind; it focuses on bodily relief,  making the consumer feel as if they’re enveloped in a comforting cocoon. This strain embodies tranquility not just mentally but physically, creating a holistic relaxation experience unlike any other. Simply put, Peace Out is in a league of its own when it comes to total-body ease.

While it has an average Mitragynine percentage of 1.139%, the true standout is the Corynoxine alkaloid. But before we explore that further, let’s address a frequently asked question:

What is Corynoxine?

Corynoxine is one of the myriad alkaloids present in kratom. Alkaloids are naturally occurring, nitrogen-based compounds that are found in various plants and botanicals. Alkaloids also have a physiological effect on the body. With kratom, it can range from energizing to relaxing, and can even provide bodily relief and help with focus and concentration. Kratom contains over 30 different alkaloids, all contributing to this plant’s unique effects.

In most strains, Corynoxine is typically found in minimal amounts. However, its significant presence in Peace Out is believed to contribute significantly to the soothing and relieving properties of this batch. Think of it as the unsung hero in the kratom alkaloid ensemble – often overlooked but immensely valuable.

Special batch peace out kratom powder, known for its relaxing properties.

Why Corynoxine is the Star of the Show

Kratom enthusiasts may be familiar with common alkaloids like mitragynine. However, Peace Out introduces many to the magic of Corynoxine, an often-overlooked component. So, what’s the buzz about?

Even though Corynoxine typically graces kratom in small amounts, its calming properties are notable. Now, amplify that soothing touch with Peace Out’s unprecedented 11.9% Corynoxine profile. A brief comparison: our previous high was 2.7%. Based on the weight, Peace Out boasts a concentration of Corynoxine nearly 2.5 times higher than the last highest batch!

The remarkable soothing and relieving properties make it a key factor in Peace Out’s unmatched relaxation profile.

View the complete lab analysis here.

Limited Edition Alert

While Peace Out’s benefits are undeniable, its availability isn’t infinite. This strain is a rare gem in our collection—a limited-time offer. And when we say “limited,” we mean it. Once our current stock runs dry, Peace Out will bow out of our lineup. If this unique strain resonates with your relaxation goals, now’s the time to embrace its serenity.

Finding Your Perfect “Peace Out” Moment

Serving Suggestions: Begin with a modest serving size, adjusting to your comfort level over time. Our recommended serving size is 2.4 grams or around 1 teaspoon. We do not recommend taking more than 2 servings in 24 hours. Read more about how to find your optimal serving size and the different ways you can enjoy kratom powder responsibly.

Optimal Timing: Given its tranquil nature, evenings or relaxation-focused periods are perfect. Use Peace Out as a wind-down companion post a busy day, or perhaps during meditation. 

Activities to Pair With: From yoga sessions and deep meditation to simple cozy evenings by the fireplace, Peace Out complements moments that prioritize peace and relaxation. Its tension-relieving properties are great as a post-workout or even winding down from manual labor. Learn more about the different ways people use kratom.

For Fans of Red Strains: If you’re a fan of strains like Red Maeng Da or Red Bali, Peace Out will feel like a familiar friend with an extra comforting touch. Its unique alkaloid profile makes it a perfect fit for those seeking relaxation, especially with such a high Corynoxine makeup. To dive deeper, explore our guide on red vein strains.

A Perfect Addition to your Strain Rotation: For those who are into strain rotation or are considering a break from Mitragynine, Peace Out offers a refreshing divergence. Its lower Mitragynine levels combined with its comforting properties make it a perfect choice for those evenings when all you want to do is drift into a peaceful state.

Special Batch peace out kratom powder from Super Speciosa.


In a world that seems to value the hustle and bustle, slowing down and embracing genuine tranquility becomes even more precious. Peace Out isn’t just another kratom strain—it’s a ticket to a peaceful haven, an invitation to relax, and a rare chance to truly “peace out” from daily stresses.

Its unique composition, highlighted by the soothing effects of Corynoxine, sets it apart from other strains. However, remember its limited-time nature. Secure your stash, find your perfect serving size, and let its serene embrace remind you of the simple joy of relaxation, taking a moment to just… peace out.

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