Announcing Our Latest Innovation: ‘Jolt’ Kratom Extract Soft Gels

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Jolt Kratom Extract Soft Gels Capsules displayed and styled. Super Speciosa's premium kratom extract product. Buy kratom extract pills today!

Hello, kratom enthusiasts! Brace yourselves, because today, Super Speciosa is introducing a brand-new marvel in our ever-evolving product line: ‘Jolt’ Kratom Extract Soft Gels. You’ve raved about our kratom tinctures, flavored kratom powders, and kratom gummies, and now we’re about to amp up the game with something that marries convenience with potency. So, are you ready to experience kratom like never before?

Why Jolt Kratom Extract Soft Gels are the New Game Changers

Okay, let’s talk about the everyday kratom experience. We’ve all done the toss-and-wash or waited patiently for the kratom tea to kick in. Our kratom tinctures have already been a revelation in terms of quick, hassle-free consumption, but what if you could capture that kind of efficacy in a compact form?

Our Jolt Kratom Extract Soft Gels are tailored to make your kratom experience as convenient and effective as possible. Each soft gel is a neat little package of 15mg of mitragynine, which is the star component in kratom. Because they’re so carefully made, you can count on getting a consistent serving every time you take one.

One of the best things about these soft gels is how easy they are to swallow. If you’ve ever struggled with larger pills or capsules, you’ll appreciate the smooth and compact design. These soft gels go down effortlessly and don’t leave you with that uncomfortable “I just swallowed a pill” feeling, making them a great choice for folks who have a tough time with larger capsules or simply prefer something more discreet.

Beyond their convenience, these soft gels also do a great job of delivering kratom in a form your body can readily use. The special encapsulation process safeguards the mitragynine, helping it stay potent and effective when your body needs it.

So, if you’re looking for relief, a mood lift, or a bit of a mental boost, our Jolt Kratom Extract Soft Gels could be a solid fit for you. Their precisely measured servings, easy-to-swallow design, and high absorbability make them a reliable and practical choice for anyone keen on integrating kratom into their health and wellness approach.

What’s Inside?

Our soft gels are truly extraordinary! We’ve put so much effort into ensuring their quality and providing the utmost care. Each one is created using premium kratom extract, making them stand out from other kratom products that may come in powder form or be limited to a specific strain or vein color. With our capsules, you’re getting the full benefits of pure kratom extract.

The main components of the kratom extract soft gels are:

  • 15mg Mitragynine
  • 910mg MCT Oil

The other ingredients that bring it all together:

  • Gelatin
  • Glycerin
  • Beeswax
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Purified Water
Jolt Kratom Extract Soft Gels Capsules displayed and styled. Super Speciosa's premium kratom extract product. Buy kratom extract pills today!

Packaging and Serving Size

Jolt Kratom Extract Capsules are sold in two convenient packaging options:

  1. 10ct Blister Packs: Perfect for those who want to try the product before making a larger purchase or want to take the capsules on-the-go.
  2. 45ct Jars: Ideal for regular consumers who want a month’s supply.

The recommended serving size for these capsules is two capsules per serving. This means you’ll get a 30mg serving of mitragynine in one serving, providing a potent effect that’s built to last. Check out our latest kratom serving size guide for an in-depth explanation.

If this is your first time taking extract products, or if you do not take them regularly, we recommend starting with 1 soft gel and then monitoring the effects. Take another soft gel if needed.

We strongly recommend adhering to the suggested serving size, as well as any precautions or warnings on the label. Do not take more than two servings per 24 hours. To learn more about how often you should take kratom, read our guide

How Are They Different?

Kratom Extract Soft Gels vs. Kratom Tinctures & Kratom Gummies

While the effects are similar to our much-loved kratom tinctures, the Soft Gels offer the advantage of being even more portable and discreet. Plus, they are made with a kratom extract similar to our tinctures, ensuring that the active alkaloid, mitragynine, is presented in a strong and potent form.

Our kratom gummies are also made with kratom extract, so you may feel similar effects. Kratom gummies come in various flavors, while with Soft Gels, you’ll have a tasteless experience. 

So which kratom extract product should you choose? 

It really comes down to personal preference. If you prefer drinking your kratom, make a delicious mocktail with our kratom tinctures, a potent liquid kratom. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, our gummies are the perfect delicious bite of kratom to-go. The soft gels offer all the effects you love in our tinctures and gummies, in a convenient, tasteless capsule. 

Kratom Extract vs. Kratom Powder Products

The Jolt Soft Gels are going to have more potent effects than kratom powder products, including kratom capsules, kratom tablets, and kratom teas, due to the alkaloids being extracted from the raw plant material. If you’re looking for an extra kick in focus and energy, try out our kratom extract products. Read more on the difference between kratom extract and kratom powder.

Why Choose Super Speciosa’s Kratom Extract Soft Gels?


Kratom Extract Soft Gels offer a consistent serving size. No need to fumble with droppers, scales, or spoonfuls of powder. Each soft gel is filled exactly with 15mg of mitragynine. If you’re looking for a consistent kratom extract experience, these are the way to go.

Easy to Consume and Digest

One of the key features that make Jolt Kratom Extract Soft Gels unique is their user-friendly form. Kratom can often come in large, hard-to-swallow capsules, but that’s not the case here. These soft gel capsules are designed for easy consumption, making them an excellent option for customers who have a hard time swallowing many large capsules. 

The soft gels are also virtually tasteless, making them even easier to consume. Kratom, especially in extract form, can be quite bitter. Since these are conveniently encapsulated, there is no need to worry about the strong taste!

The small size of the soft gels makes them easier to digest as well, compared to traditional kratom capsules. This makes the onset of effects quicker, and the effects of kratom can be felt within 15 minutes of ingestion. 

Optimal Potency: Energizing Effects with Relief

Like our tinctures, our soft gels are formulated with potent kratom extract, ensuring you get a strong, consistent experience.

When it comes to the effects of these capsules, expect a dual-action result. Not only do they boost your mental focus, but they also energize your body in a natural and balanced way. This makes them perfect for people who are looking for an added mental edge, be it at work or during physical activities. In addition to the energizing effects, these capsules also provide the body with much-needed relief, striking the perfect balance between stimulation and comfort.

No Associated Strain or Vein Color

Many kratom products specify a strain or vein color like Red, Green, or White, each with its unique properties. However, Jolt Kratom Extract Capsules do not have an associated strain or vein color. Being an extract product, they offer a more focused profile of kratom’s active alkaloids, delivering a consistent and robust effect every time you take them.

Jolt Kratom Extract Soft Gels Capsules displayed and styled. Super Speciosa's premium kratom extract product. Buy kratom extract pills today!

The Super Speciosa Promise

As always, our products are subjected to rigorous quality control, adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices and third-party lab tests. We offer a transparent, scannable QR code on all our products that will give you all the test results, from alkaloid content to heavy metals. Plus, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s the Super Speciosa Promise.

The wait is over. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Kratom Soft Gels, and we can’t wait for you to try them. As always, we value your feedback, so don’t hesitate to let us know how you like this latest addition to our family of quality kratom products.

Happy Kratom Journey!

FAQs about Kratom Extract Soft Gels

What is kratom extract?

Kratom extract is a form of kratom where the alkaloids are extracted from the raw kratom plant to create a highly concentrated form of kratom powder. Kratom extract is very potent and usually experienced kratom consumers take this form. 

What is kratom extract good for?

Kratom extract is good for an extra boost in focus or energy, and may help with relief and relaxation too. 

Is kratom extract stronger than kratom powder?

Yes, kratom extract is stronger than kratom powder, since it’s a concentrated form of kratom. 

What is the ideal serving size for Kratom Soft Gels?

A serving size is 2 soft gels, which provides you with 30mg of mitragynine and 910mg of MCT oil.

Can I mix Kratom Extract Soft Gels with other medications or substances?

We do not recommend taking kratom with other medications or substances. We strongly recommend consulting a healthcare professional before taking kratom, especially if you are currently prescribed medication, have a medical condition, or are taking this supplement for the first time.

Are these Kratom Extract Soft Gels safe?

Yes, our Jolt Kratom Extract Soft Gels are safe to consume. All our products are third-party lab tested to ensure there are no harmful contaminants and produced in our GMP-certified facility to make sure the products that end up in your hands are safe and clean. However, it’s crucial to stick to the recommended serving size and use kratom responsibly. Learn about the safety of kratom in our blog.

What makes Kratom Extract Soft Gels different from Kratom Tinctures?

While the active ingredients are similar, the form factor and method of consumption are different. Soft gels offer the advantage of ease and discretion.

How do I store the Kratom Extract Soft Gels?

Just like other supplements, store your Kratom Soft Gels in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Learn more on how to store kratom in our guide.

Can I take more than one serving?

We recommend starting with one serving and then monitoring the effects to see if you need more. Do not take more than 2 servings per 24 hours. Always remember to use kratom responsibly, and adhere to the serving suggestions and precautions on our label.

Is kratom extracts available in any other form?

Yes! Not only do we offer the kratom extract soft gels, but we also have kratom tinctures, which is a liquid kratom extract, as well as kratom gummies that are made from kratom extract powder. These options have added flavors, helping mask the bitter taste of kratom, for a tasty kratom experience. 

Where can I buy the best kratom extract online?

Although kratom extracts are relatively new to the kratom industry, there are going to be numerous kratom vendors offering these potent kratom products. However, not all companies put your safety first. There have been cases of improper labeling, unsanitary manufacturing conditions, and lack of transparency within the kratom market, which is extremely harmful to the consumer.

This is where Super Speciosa comes in. We are one of the leading kratom vendors in safety and transparency. By buying from us, an American Kratom Association GMP-Qualified vendor, you can rest assured that your kratom extract products are safe to consume. To learn more about why we are the best place to buy kratom extract online, read our in-depth blog.

Disclaimer: Kratom products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice.

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