New Product Alert: SlingShot Full-Spectrum Kratom Extract

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Table of Contents

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Introducing our latest, most potent innovation: SlingShot! 

Crafted as a full-spectrum kratom extract shot, SlingShot offers a dynamic range of effects, from soothing relaxation to invigorating energy boosts. This powerhouse product is made with potent kratom extract to deliver maximum impact with just a small serving.

Get ready for an extraordinary experience with our newest addition!

Experience the Power of SlingShot – Our Strongest Kratom Extract Yet!

Imagine the sensation of using a slingshot – the concentrated power, the precise aim, and the explosive release of energy. That’s precisely the experience our SlingShot extract offers.

Each 2 fl oz bottle is infused with 120 mg of mitragynine, sourced from premium kratom extract, ensuring unmatched potency.

Full-Spectrum Effects of SlingShot

  • Mood-boosting: Lift your spirits and enhance your overall sense of well-being, promoting a positive outlook on life.
  • Focus-enhancing: Sharpen your concentration and stay on top of your game, aiding in mental clarity and cognitive function.
  • Relief and Relaxation: Ease minor discomforts, offering relaxation and relief from everyday nuisances.

This full-spectrum kratom extract shot is designed to cater to a wide range of effects, from energizing to relaxing.

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How To Use SlingShot

Our recommended serving size of 1 fl oz or 30 ml (half the bottle) promises an optimal experience, tailored to seasoned kratom enthusiasts. Beginners should start with a smaller serving size and then gradually adjust as needed. 

Small servings typically provide an energizing effect, while larger servings tend to promote relaxation.

Do not consume more than 1 fl oz (half bottle) per 12 hours.

Safe Usage Guidelines

Given its potency, this product is more suitable for experienced kratom consumers. Super Speciosa strongly suggests sticking to our guidelines to ensure a safe and pleasurable kratom experience. 

Explore further insights into the recommended safe usage of kratom. 

If you’re on medication or have health conditions, it’s crucial to consult your healthcare provider before trying kratom. Kratom is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Embrace a safety-first approach, stay informed, and relish the benefits of kratom responsibly.

Great Value Alert: Bulk Savings on SlingShot

Save big on SlingShot Kratom Extract Shots! Get a single shot for $13.99 or grab a 12-count box for just $129.99. 

That’s a massive $37.89 saved when you buy in bulk.

Enjoy the benefits while saving money with SlingShot today!

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Discover high-mitragynine kratom products beyond extract shots:

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Why Choose Super Speciosa Kratom Products?

At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to consumer safety and the delivery of premium-quality kratom products with every new release.

Our cGMP processes adhere to strict documentation, lab testing, and manufacturing procedures. Super Speciosa’s transparency is unmatched, providing you with detailed batch numbers and precise lab test reports for the product you hold.

We follow industry guidelines for contaminants, alkaloids, and heavy metals, including those from the American Herbal Products Association and NSF.

As always, the AKA GMP-Qualified seal of approval represents our commitment to industry standard safety practices in production and packaging.

Rest assured that our kratom extract products are the safest supplements available. Your health and safety are our utmost concern.

Potent Effects In Half A Shot

Much like its namesake, our SlingShot extract is a force to be reckoned with in the world of kratom. 

With its full-spectrum potency and versatile effects, SlingShot offers a transformative experience for seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Embrace the power and unleash the potential with SlingShot – where every shot promises a journey beyond comparison.

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What is kratom extract?

Kratom extract powder is a highly-concentrated ingredient used to make certain kratom products. The raw kratom leaf powder goes through a detailed extraction process, extracting the alkaloids from the plant and eliminating the plant material as much as possible.

Kratom gummies and kratom shots use a mitragynine-based kratom extract for a pure mitragynine experience.

For more information on kratom extract, check this super-helpful guide. 

What are kratom shots?

Kratom shots are powerful liquid blends made from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, found in Southeast Asia. Acting as plant-based tonics, they offer a convenient and rapid method to enjoy kratom’s advantages. Kratom shots contain concentrated kratom extract, packed with active compounds like Mitragynine. Unlike kratom powder or capsules, kratom shots swiftly deliver these beneficial alkaloids.

What is mitragynine?

Mitragynine is a primary indole alkaloid and active compound in kratom, responsible for its mood-boosting effects.

You can learn more about mitragynine by visiting this blog.

How many mg of mitragynine are in each bottle/serving of SlingShot?

Each bottle contains 120 mg of mitragynine giving you 60 mg with each serving, ensuring you receive a potent serving of this beneficial alkaloid.

What does Slingshot taste like?

Slingshot is carefully crafted to give a hint of berry flavor and tamed bitterness, all together an enjoyable and refreshing experience.

How does Slingshot compare to caffeine energy shots/coffee?

Slingshot offers a different experience compared to caffeine energy shots or coffee. While caffeine primarily provides an energy boost, Slingshot focuses on the unique properties of kratom to promote relaxation and mood enhancement without the potential jitters or crashes associated with caffeine.

What are the ingredients?

In addition to kratom extract, Slingshot contains the following ingredients:

  • Water
  • Natural flavors
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Citric acid
  • Sucralose

What makes SlingShot different from other kratom products?

SlingShot differs from other kratom products with its potent, full-spectrum extract shot. It offers a stronger and more immediate effect with a pre-measured serving size in each bottle, making it convenient to use on the go.

Is SlingShot lab-tested for quality and safety? 

Yes. SlingShot undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing to meet the highest purity, potency, and safety standards.

Explore our lab testing procedures in this comprehensive blog. 

How much SlingShot should I take as a first-time consumer?

For first-time kratom consumers, we recommend starting with less than half a bottle. 

SlingShot delivers a potent impact with high-mitragynine levels. It’s essential to gauge your individual response and adjust as needed for a personalized and enjoyable kratom experience.

Where can I buy SlingShot near me?

SlingShot is not yet available in retail locations. You can buy our SlingShot directly from our website. We offer fast shipping and easy ordering to make your experience as convenient as possible. All orders placed before 2 p.m. EST are shipped the same day (excluding Sundays and Postal Holidays). If you’re looking to buy kratom capsules near you, check out our ultimate guide for more information.

Is it legal to purchase kratom online?

Yes, it is legal to buy kratom online, except in areas where kratom is prohibited, as online vendors won’t ship to those locations.

You are also welcome to use this page as your go-to resource on kratom legality. We regularly update this page and the kratom legality map to ensure you have the most accurate information regarding kratom legality in your state.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has not scheduled kratom at the federal level. 

Read our news section for the latest news on kratom legality!

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