Lab testing.

At Super Speciosa, we subject our kratom to rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure the quality and safety of our products. Find out more about our testing standards.

Our kratom testing process.

We here at Super Speciosa begin our kratom testing protocols by pasteurizing the kratom powder with a gentle heat. The heat level is carefully set such that is it hot enough to kill bacteria, yet low enough to preserve the integrity of the alkaloids. Then, we batch and blend the kratom.

We do all this before taking a sample in order to make sure all of our batches are uniform and don’t contain hot spots – anomalous sections of the batch that harbor contaminants.

Then, we take our testing samples. We do not rely on a statistical sample. In order to get 100% coverage, we take samples from every single one of our batches. To add, each one of our samples are taken from small batches of less than 100 kilograms to ensure uniformity.

Each Super Speciosa kratom product is fully traceable to the specific batch it came from. A corresponding set of lab tests are reviewed by our Quality Control Team before they can be approved for sale to our customers.

Learn more about the importance of lab testing for kratom:

Kratom lab testing

There's no better way to determine the quality of kratom than third-party laboratory testing. Find out about the importance of lab testing.

Our kratom quality standards.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is world-renowned organization that promotes public health and safety. We use the criteria for dietary supplements set forth by the NSF in order to evaluate whether or not our kratom products meet quality standards. Batches that do not meet the NSF criteria are rejected, disposed of, and will never be sold.

In early 2019, the American Kratom Association (AKA) introduced its Kratom GMP Standards Program. The program requires participants to qualify suppliers and document standard operating procedures. Implementation of testing procedures to protect against microorganisms of public health concern is another requirement among many other requirements. The complete standards can be accessed here.

Super Speciosa is happy to be one of the first qualified vendors to achieve the GMP standards set forth by the AKA. Learn more about the importance of quality standards for kratom:

Kratom quality & GMP.

As kratom gains in popularity, more vendors are providing kratom products of varying quality. Find out about good manufacturing practices and the importance of quality standards.

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