Introducing the NEW BOLD Mango Extra Strength  Kratom Gummies

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Super Speciosa Jar of Mango Extra Strength Kratom Gummies with bowl of kratom gummies and sample pack

Mango season might be long gone, but for mango lovers, there is no getting over this delicious fruity flavor. Today, a new superstar joins our BOLD line of kratom gummies – the Mango Extra Strength Kratom Gummies

Brace yourself for a taste bud takeover! You’re going to love the delicious combination of ripe mango goodness with the extra potent kratom. Get ready to be amazed! 

New to Kratom Gummies? Here’s a quick recap!

Kratom gummies are candies made of concentrated kratom extract, which provides kratom consumers with a tasteful and pure mitragynine experience. While gummies don’t have the full-spectrum effects as kratom powder products, both are natural and 100% plant-derived.

However, the effects of mitragynine (the most active ingredient of kratom) are still energizing and induce calm, concentrated focus.

Our BOLD line of kratom gummies is 2x stronger than regular gummies, with each extra strength gummy containing 35mg of Mitragynine. Gummies also provide a significantly improved flavor profile as well to mask the bitterness of the kratom extract. 

If you are wondering what other ingredients we add, here’s the complete breakup:

Kratom Extract, Purified Water, Glucose, Sucrose, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural and Organic Flavoring, FD&C Approved Coloring.

All About Mango Extra Strength Kratom Gummies

Our gummies are your go-to for an easy, potent experience. They are ideal for an on-the-go experience and discrete enough to take them along on your trips out of town. Let’s unpack everything you need to know:

  • High Mitragynine: Each gummy packs 35mg of mitragynine, equivalent to 2.33 grams of 1.5% mitragynine concentration kratom powder, transforming your kratom experience.
  • Energizing Boost: Experience vibrant energy, heightened focus, and mental clarity with every bite.
  • On-the-Go Goodness: Meticulously crafted from premium kratom extract, these gummies offer a potent and portable experience.
  • Bitter-Free Aftertaste: Say goodbye to bitterness! Enjoy the delightful, luscious mango flavor that complements kratom’s robust nature.
Super Speciosa Jar of Mango Extra Strength Kratom Gummies jar next to pile of kratom gummies in wooden bowl.

How To Enjoy Mango Extra Strength Kratom Gummies

Like our other extra-strength gummies, 1 gummy per serving is more than enough for kratom regulars. Remember that these are extra potent. 

Wondering if the regular gummies might be more suitable for you? Read our super guide.

In about 15-30 minutes, you will most likely be feeling the effects of the kratom extract.

If you feel like taking another one, make sure the effects of your previous serving have worn off completely. Super Speciosa strictly recommends following our recommended guidelines for a safe kratom experience. Read more on how often you can take kratom.

Do not take more than 2 servings within 24 hours.

If you have just started taking kratom, try to take it slow and observe if your body is taking kratom well. You can take half a gummy, gauge the effects, and take the rest if needed. Do not consume in combination with any other medication or substances.

People on medication or with other health conditions should always consult their healthcare provider before taking kratom. Similarly, kratom is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Keep it chill and enjoy the benefits of kratom with a safety-first approach.

Our Commitment To Safety

Consumer safety and super-quality products have always been at the heart of our operations with each new product we introduce. 

Our cGMP processes follow rigorous and thorough documentation, lab testing, and manufacturing procedures. From the batch number to the exact lab test reports of the product in your hand, the transparency Super Speciosa offers is unparalleled.

We follow industry guidelines for contaminants, alkaloids, and heavy metals, including those from the American Herbal Products Association and NSF.

As always, the AKA GMP-Qualified seal of approval represents our commitment to industry standard safety practices in production and packaging.

Rest assured, our kratom extract products are the safest kratom supplements on the market.

More Flavorful Gummy Options Available At Super Speciosa

On the fence about kratom gummies, see our guide on the best way to take kratom for natural wellness.

Three flavors of Super Speciosa's Extra Strength Kratom Gummies in Mango, Blueberry, and Strawberry flavors stacked on top of each other.


Our Mango Extra Strength Kratom Gummies have officially hit the scene. We are super excited to bring these new gummies to you and can’t wait for your racing reviews.

Super Speciosa has always been committed to providing the best kratom experience to its consumers. We are constantly working on new flavors and innovative products for you to keep discovering kratom in new ways.

So, are you ready to plunge into a world of mango magic and good feels? Grab your Mango Extra Strength Kratom Gummies, and let the adventure unfold!


What is kratom extract?

Kratom extract is a concentrated form of kratom, a plant from Southeast Asia. It’s made by isolating the alkaloids, which are natural compounds in kratom leaves. This results in a more potent product compared to regular kratom powder or leaves. Kratom extract comes in various forms, like tinctures, gummies, or capsules, and is known for its convenience and potency.

Explore the differences between kratom extract and kratom powder by checking out our blog.

What do kratom extract gummies do?

Kratom extract gummies provide the effects of kratom in a convenient, tasty form. Infused with concentrated kratom extract, they offer relaxation, increased alertness, and mood enhancement. Follow the recommended serving sizes for a safe and positive kratom experience.

Learn more about kratom effects from other kratom lovers.

What sets extra strength apart from regular kratom gummies?

Extra-strength kratom gummies stand out with a higher concentration of kratom extract than their regular counterparts. Packed with 35 mg of mitragynine per gummy, they surpass the 15mg found in our regular gummies. This strong potency means you get a powerful effect with smaller amounts, especially for those seeking a quicker impact.

Opting for smaller servings delivers a powerful experience and can be a budget-friendly choice!

Check out all Super Speciosa Gummies.

How should I store kratom gummies?

Store kratom gummies in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Use an airtight container to prevent moisture, maintain a consistent temperature, and keep them out of reach of children.

Check out Super Speciosa to learn more about optimal kratom storage.

Yes, kratom gummies are legal in the US, but remember that laws can differ by state. Check your local regulations to be sure they’re allowed where you are. For age restrictions, click here. 

Kratom is currently banned in several states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Additionally, certain cities and counties within other states may have imposed their own bans on kratom. Kratom is currently banned in Sarasota County, FL; Union County, MS; San Diego, CA; Jerseyville, IL; Oceanside, CA; and Ontario, OR.

Feel free to use this page as your reliable resource on kratom’s legality.

Where can I buy the best kratom gummies near my location? 

Super Speciosa offers a premium online purchase experience with an extra quick shipping time, as all orders placed before 2 PM EST are shipped the same day. You can also opt for USPS Express or USPS Ground for an expedited delivery.

For more shipping details, head over here.

What are the ingredients used in extra-strength kratom extract gummies?

These extra-strength mango gummies are made of kratom extract with 35 mg of Mitragynine infused in each gummy. The flavor profile is then enhanced with flavoring and additional ingredients to give you a candy-like edible experience.

Check out why our gummies are the best in the kratom market!

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