What is Kratom Powder?

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Table of Contents

Super Speciosa kratom powder and capsules.
Super Speciosa kratom powder and capsules.

Wondering how a herb from the 19th century, used by the natives of Southeast Asia found its way to the Western shores? Since the 1980s, this herb popularly known as kratom has been making its wellness benefits known in the US.

In this blog, we explore this power-up herb in its most commonly available form: kratom powder and the use of kratom as a herbal supplement.

What is Kratom Powder?

Kratom powder is a pulverized form of leaves from its tropical evergreen tree – Mitragyna Speciosa. Farmers and harvesters wait until the kratom leaves are ripe enough to handpick them. Timing is of the essence as the alkaloid profile of ripe leaves is the highest.

Mitragynine, the most powerful alkaloid in kratom along with other alkaloids such as 7-Hydroxymitragynine, Paynantheine, Speciogynine, and Speciociliatine, create unique effects which can have various wellness benefits. Pharmacology studies show that although these alkaloids bind to the opioid receptors within the body, kratom’s pharmacology is significantly different than other opioid drugs like morphine.

As the seasons change, the leaves can acquire different vein colors. These different veins or bones, as the locals call them can be found on the same tree. Once harvested, the leaves then go through a drying process.

“Red vein” kratom is the darkest because the longer kratom is left out in the sun the darker it gets. Kratom dried indoors is brighter green which creates “green vein” and “white vein” kratom powder.

After the drying processes, the leaves are finely crushed into powder form. 

Where does Kratom Powder come from?

Kratom powder is indigenous to the rainforests of Southeast Asia in places such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. 

These tropical rainforests provide a hot and humid climate with rainfall throughout the season for kratom plants to thrive naturally. Kratom trees love moisture and heat while having the perfect shade under the canopy of other trees in the forests. While protecting the leaves from direct sunlight, this natural environment also provides nutrient-rich soil with the perfect pH range including exceptional drainage, giving us highly potent kratom leaves. 

Most of the kratom obtained in the United States comes from Indonesia – usually from rural villages in Borneo. There, leaves are harvested from wild kratom trees in the jungle or from trees on privately owned land.

Did you know: Kratom is also known by many other local names such as kakuam, thom, ketum, and biak.

What is Kratom Powder used for?

Based on the Super Speciosa customer reviews, you can effectively take kratom to:

Improve wellness: Most kratom users enjoy positivity boosts in their overall well-being, a sense of optimism, and a renewed outlook toward life.

Recover faster If you have an active lifestyle, kratom can help reduce soreness faster so you can feel ready to take on physical activities with considerably less lethargy or exhaustion.

Be Productive: Kratom can be effectively used to enhance focus to get things done in your everyday life without a struggle. 

Relax and Unwind: For those seeking calmness and a soothing state of mind before going to bed, kratom also eases tension letting you unwind from the day’s stress. 

Energize and Focus: Avoid the jittery side effects of caffeine as kratom can revitalize your body and mind for the morning energy essential to tackle your day with confidence. 

Reasons to Choose Kratom Powder:

Kratom powder is the most popular form of consumption among kratom enthusiasts because it offers the most versatility to consume kratom in any way you like. Here are some reasons why you should be considering kratom powder:

Advantages of Kratom Powder

  • Easily available and is the most effective form of kratom.
  • Measure your serving size to the precise amount you want.
  • An incredible range of kratom strains and blends to choose from.

Some drawbacks when considering Kratom Powder

  • Strong herbal and earthy taste.
  • Not the easiest of ways to take kratom.
  • Not as discreet to have it on the go.

The Kratom Tree:

80 feet tall and sturdy enough to last seasons of monsoon rains and hot summers, Mitragyna Speciosa is an evergreen tree. The kratom tree’s bark has a smooth texture with a hint of grayish brown, whereas the flowers bloom in clusters and look like pretty yellowish-white spheres.

Kratom leaves are a lovely shade of dark green and oval-shaped. Often large and growing up to 8 inches long and 5 inches wide. As seasons change, its veins take on unique hues like red, green, white, or yellow. It’s also in the Rubiaceae family, the same as the coffee plant, which explains why it has an energizing kick to it.

What color is kratom powder?

The color of kratom powder is affected by the drying techniques used by harvesters during processing. Unlike popular misconceptions, the powder’s color is not as affected by the color of the veins. Leaves of different vein colors can be found on the same tree, and Indonesian suppliers do not sort leaves by vein color.

At Super Speciosa, green varieties are the lightest green, red varieties are the darkest, and white varieties usually fall in between. Yellow is a newer color that has recently popped up as a result of a unique small-batch drying process.

Kratom Powder Strains: What Do They Mean?

The kratom marketplace is filled with vendors who have categorized their kratom products in marketing gimmicky ways. 

The way “strain” terminology is used can be misleading, as there are no specific strains cultivated for their unique properties by the kratom producers. The strain names are arbitrary, often made up by vendors, and do not accurately reflect the origin or properties of the kratom. 

This is why Super Speciosa likes to rely on the term “variety” instead of “strain.”

Each color of kratom also tends to have unique effects. In general, green varieties are known to provide a boost of energy, while red varieties are associated with relaxation. White varieties are often considered a balance between energy and focus. 

However, the variability in kratom experiences often depends on different batches rather than different strains. Every batch of kratom can have significantly different alkaloid content due to the naturally harvested product. As a result, the effects of kratom can vary widely between batches.

Super Speciosa takes a more transparent and objective approach by separating and grading kratom based on batches and alkaloid profiles. This provides our customers with more consistency and a clearer understanding of what they are purchasing. For more information, read the truth about kratom strains.

Kratom Powder Products at Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa markets several kratom powder products. Each variety represents distinct batches of kratom. We grade each batch by its mitragynine content and color and then assign a name based on these two factors.

Signature Reserve kratom powder tests highest for mitragynine at 1.4% or greater. An all-day energizer to power you through even the toughest days.

Maeng Da kratom powder tests higher than 1.0%. Versatile and also available in special releases and flavored powder.

Other varieties, like ThaiBorneo, and Malay may range from 0.5% to over 1.0%. 

What is Maenga Da Kratom Powder?

When it comes to kratom, Maeng Da is one of the most popular varieties available. Highly regarded for its potency and unique properties, Maeng Da kratom powder has become a staple among kratom enthusiasts. 

Maeng Da, which translates to “pimp grade” in Thai, is known for its high-quality and powerful effects. Despite its Thai name, Maeng Da kratom is grown and harvested in Indonesia. The name was coined to emphasize the premium nature of this particular variety. Maeng Da kratom stands out from other varieties due to its higher alkaloid content, 

Maeng Da kratom is generally known for its unique versatility based on the color with green being more energizing, red promoting relaxation, and white providing a balance between energy and focus.

It’s essential to note that the effects of Maeng Da kratom can vary from person to person and are also influenced by factors like batch differences, serving size, and individual body chemistry. Large servings can have sedation effects while smaller servings usually have stimulant effects. 

Buy Maeng Da at Super Speciosa

Special Releases: Special releases are our most exclusive batches and are only available until the stock lasts.

Flavored Kratom Powder: If the earthy taste doesn’t sit right with you, Super Speciosa offers various flavored kratom powder products such as:

Bali Kratom Powder

Bali Kratom holds a special place in the hearts of many enthusiasts. Known for its balanced and versatile effects, Bali Kratom has become a popular choice for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Named after the super popular travel destination Bali, it is not exclusively grown in Bali. Bali Kratom is cherished for its well-rounded profile by those seeking a balanced kratom experience.

Generally appreciated for its ability to promote relaxation. Some users also experience a mild boost in energy and mood, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a gentle pick-me-up without feeling overly stimulated.

Buy Bali Kratom at Super Speciosa

What is the Best Way to Take Kratom Powder?

The best part about kratom powder is that there isn’t just one way to take it. While the most popular methods among kratom power users are simply mixing it with water or using the toss-and-wash technique. 

Making kratom tea, blending it with juices or smoothies, and mixing it into meals like yogurt or oatmeal, are also the go-to ways to take kratom for many users. 

Taking kratom can cause dehydration or constipation, so it’s very important to stay hydrated and drink lots of water while taking kratom powder.

We think experimenting with different methods to find the one that suits your taste preferences works best. 

Not sure which kratom powder to try?

We know choosing the best kratom powder products is not always the easiest choice to make when making your first purchase or wanting to try other strains. This is why at Super Speciosa we have a special offer.

  • Powder Flight – 5 unique varieties to find what’s right for you with our powder flight, for only $19.99

Ready for an adventure in the world of kratom? Join the Super Speciosa kratom enthusiasts and explore our premium, all-natural kratom varieties!

Kratom Powder: Is it Safe?

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved any use of kratom as a dietary supplement or for medical purposes, kratom is not currently scheduled as a controlled substance. Super Speciosa recommends consulting health care providers in cases of any side effects such as drowsiness or for any medical advice in cases of medical use. If you are looking for treatment options related to chronic pain, substance use or drug use, FDA-approved treatments are the most recommended.

Several attempts have been made by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in recent years to ban kratom without any success. This has been mainly due to contamination with salmonella, and the potential for substance abuse of psychoactive drugs. 

At Super Speciosa, our kratom products boast full traceability to their unique batch. Our dedicated Quality Control Team reviews every lab test result before greenlighting a batch for sale. Learn more about our GMP-qualified lab testing

With KCPA passed in 9 states, Kratom remains legal in most states, cities, and counties. States with a complete ban on kratom include:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

Other cities and counties where kratom is currently illegal are:

  • Sarasota County, Florida
  • Union County, Mississippi
  • San Diego, California
  • Jerseyville, Illinois
  • Oceanside, California
  • Ontario, Oregon.
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