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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Watermelon kratom tincture mocktail. Liquid kratom extract drink for summer.

Today, we are launching Super Speciosa’s Kratom Tinctures, a highly concentrated kratom tincture with all the plant power of kratom – now on the tip of your tongue.

Since 2016, Super Speciosa has been a pioneer in making the highest-quality kratom products. With innovative new products such as flavored kratom powder, delicious tea blends, and kratom gummies in the past, we are always testing the limits when it comes to new kratom products.

Here is everything you need to know about kratom tinctures, how we make them, and what to expect from this super awesome liquid kratom extract.

Why Everyone Needs A Drop

Let’s start with the routine kratom. Yes, the ol’ reliable kratom powder. While it’s effective, the kratom preparations can be daunting at times. Like kratom powder, the tea bags take at least 10-15 mins to give you the best results.

Kratom gummies are great for quick pops, but if you are looking to take kratom with delicious beverages and mocktails, kratom tinctures are a perfect choice. Mixing kratom powder can be elaborate, but taking tinctures is just as simple as taking drops. 

This is why kratom tinctures edge the competition. Sealed dropper bottles and three drops on the back of the tongue. That’s it. No more toss-and-wash. No more earthy taste. Within 10 minutes, you will feel the effects of pure, unadulterated, and uncompromised kratom.

Super Speciosa’s Kratom Tinctures

Our kratom tinctures are glycerin/water-based. Each bottle is 15 mL, containing 150 mg of mitragynine. The tinctures come with a 1 ml dropper for convenient measuring.

We recommend taking 3ml per serving, which contains 30 mg of mitragynine. With the 1ml dropper, 3 droppers equal one serving.

For comparison, a 30 mg serving is similar to one serving of 1.2-1.3% MIT kratom powder.

The tincture comes in a delicious watermelon flavor, perfect for adding to your favorite beverages. Take them with your morning glass of orange juice or a chill afternoon mocktail.

Here’s a list of complete ingredients for the tincture:

Ingredient list

Watermelon Kratom Tincture 

  • Kratom Extract Powder
  • Watermelon Flavor
  • Glycerine
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Water
Super Speciosa's kratom tincture, watermelon-flavored premium liquid kratom extract. Use in kratom mocktails to elevate kratom experience.

A Super Fluid Experience with Kratom Tinctures

The kratom tinctures are the most convenient kratom products ever. And they offer everything you will ever need: fruity taste, crazy potency, and on-the-go portability.


The tinctures have a great balance of the earthy kratom taste and a fruity delight. Try one of our mocktail recipes to elevate your tincture experience.


Forget dealing with messy powder and the digital scales for precisely measuring your serving size. Kratom tinctures have high potency by weight and volume relative to kratom powder or kratom tea bags.

Compared to the usual serving size, just 1mL of this liquid extract can equal mild effects. You also don’t have to wait long for the effects to kick in, as liquid extracts take effect faster than kratom powder.

The only caution needed is to be wary of your servings. It’s possible to take too much kratom when using concentrated extracts.


Traveling with kratom can be a hassle. Carrying bags of kratom powder or a large number of tablets is probably not very convenient for you.

You can take kratom tinctures anywhere when traveling or going out of town, just like kratom capsules. The convenient glass dropper tincture bottle lets you take kratom anywhere.

With easily sealed caps, storing the tinctures is a breeze. Just pick a cool, dry spot anywhere in your luggage or car.

How to Take Kratom Tinctures

Taking kratom tinctures is super easy, thanks to its convenient, ready-to-consume liquid form. Here are a few ways to take kratom tinctures:

Taking the Drops Directly

Simply use the dropper to drop the kratom tincture on your tongue and swallow. With this method, the tincture will take effect in about 15 minutes.

Taking Kratom Tinctures Sublingually

For the fast-acting effects, take the drops under the tongue before swallowing. 

With this method, the active alkaloids are absorbed into the body right away. Within 5 minutes, you will be able to feel the effects of kratom. 

Taking Kratom Tinctures with Food or Drinks

If you don’t want to take kratom tinctures directly, you can also mix the liquid extract in food or drinks. You will feel the effects within 15 minutes. 

Kratom Tinctures versus Kratom Shots

Kratom tinctures and kratom shots are both kratom extract products. Our kratom tinctures are made with kratom extract, flavoring, and other ingredients. 

Both products are almost always liquid. Kratom extract used to make these kratom products is also used to make kratom gummies.

Super Speciosa kratom gummies and kratom tinctures by the poolside for our summer kratom deals.

Super Speciosa’s Quality Promise and A+ customer service

Our founders, Ken and Aaron, started Super Speciosa in 2016 with a vision of ‘kratom with a conscience.’ Our promise is safe, clean, and high-quality kratom products. 

Super Speciosa’s pure kratom is carefully milled and handled with care because of a quality manufacturing system designed from scratch and tailored specifically for kratom to ensure the delivery of the best kratom products to our customers.

Super Speciosa is also highly transparent with its third-party lab tests from Cora Science for all testing: alkaloid content, microbiology, contaminants, and heavy metals. All our products come with a scannable QR code for the accompanying lab results and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Our customer service representatives are always available for any queries and concerns on the phone and via email to ensure a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all our products.

Here’s what our verified buyers say about us:

“First time trying this company, and I absolutely LOVE IT. This company is outstanding, and I truly recommend it to those who are skeptical to try it. You won’t be disappointed. No more smokeshop kratom. Thank You, Super Speciosa. You guys are the BEST.”

“Great Quality and hands down the very BEST service.”

“Have been ordering from here for a while now. The quality is always good, the shipping is fast, the customer service is great, and I love the rewards program as I am a frequent buyer. I would highly recommend this site for all your Kratom needs. They never disappoint. :)”

We know Super Speciosa customers have long waited for this. The wait is officially over; these super products are launching this week. We couldn’t be more excited for you to try them and let us know your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is kratom?

Kratom or ketum/biak is a natural botanical, also called Mitragyna speciosa and is available as a dietary supplement to enhance the daily functioning of the human mind and body. Natives of Southeast Asia in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand have used this herb for centuries to fight physical and mental fatigue. Traditionally, kratom leaves were chewed or brewed to make kratom tea.

Different strains of kratom can have different alkaloid profiles. Generally, red vein kratom strains are known for their relaxing effects. In contrast, green and white vein kratom strains are known for energizing and stimulating effects. Read why people love kratom!

What are kratom tinctures, and how are they different from other kratom products?

Kratom tinctures are concentrated liquid kratom extracts. Unlike other kratom products, tinctures are much more potent and convenient.

How do I use kratom tinctures for the best results?

Kratom tinctures can be taken with your favorite beverages or added to delicious mocktails. 

Is there any recommended serving size for using kratom tinctures?

Super Speciosa’s recommended serving size for the kratom tinctures is 30 mg MIT, 3ml per serving. With the 1ml dropper, three droppers equal one serving.

To determine the sweet spot for yourself, use trial and error. Start with a small serving size and observe the effects of kratom. Do they feel just right for your desired effects or milder? Here’s our take on how much kratom you should take.

A second serving size should only be taken if prior effects are no longer felt. Ensure your body has taken the kratom well and has not caused any adverse effects. Read our in-depth guide on how often you should take kratom.

Are kratom tinctures safe to use?

Yes, kratom tinctures are safe to use. However, take caution with serving sizes as it is highly concentrated and potent. Just 1 mL can equal a normal serving size. Read more on our deep-dive: Is kratom safe?

Disclaimer: We understand that FDA believes there is further research needed to qualify kratom as a completely safe dietary supplement. However, we do want to emphasize that all our products undergo strict quality control procedures to ensure our kratom is safe to consume. We follow the Good Manufacturing Practices program set by the American Kratom Association, based on the standards for Dietary Supplements by the FDA. Learn more.

Can I mix kratom tinctures with other substances?

We strongly suggest not to use kratom in combination with other substances. The combined effects of kratom and other substances can be overwhelming and potentially dangerous.

If you are on medication, consult a healthcare professional for medical advice.

How long do the effects of kratom tinctures last?

The effects of kratom tinctures last, similar to kratom powder, for around 3-5 hours. 

How should I store kratom tinctures to maintain their potency?

Kratom tinctures should be sealed in their dropper bottles when not in use. Pick a cool and dry spot away from direct sunlight. Learn the best ways to store your kratom.

Can I use kratom tinctures for both relaxation and stimulation?

Yes, you can use kratom tinctures for both relaxation and stimulation. Generally, smaller serving sizes stimulate while larger serving sizes soothe.

Are there any potential side effects of using kratom tinctures?

Taking too much kratom can lead to adverse side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth, loss of appetite, constipation, itchiness, headache, frequent urination, or weight loss.

What is the difference between kratom tinctures and kratom shots?

Kratom tinctures and kratom shots are both kratom extract products. Depending on the extract powder used, tinctures can be full-spectrum or mitragynine only. In contrast, kratom shots are mostly mitragynine only

Are kratom tinctures legal?

Kratom is not legal everywhere in the United States of America. Super Speciosa doesn’t ship to any address where kratom is illegal. Check kratom legality in your state.

States where kratom is illegal: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. 

Cities and counties where kratom is currently illegal: Sarasota County in Florida; Union County, MS; San Diego, CA; Jerseyville, IL; Oceanside, CA; and Ontario, OR.

For the latest news on kratom legality, read our news section.

How are kratom tinctures made?

First, the extraction process takes place using fresh kratom powder. Once the kratom extract is made, it’s combined with other ingredients and added flavoring to create the liquid extract.

The specifics can be a handful to understand, so here’s an easily relatable explanation by our production team.

“The ingredients are combined like you are making a cake and homogenized.” The tank is attached to the filling machine once the ingredients are homogenized and the tincture is ready. Dark-colored dropper bottles run on the assembly line, where they are filled and labeled. Voila! The kratom tinctures are ready for the market.

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