What’s in your kratom stocking stuffer?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Hey, Super Fellas! Randy, in the house, and I’ve got a sleigh full of holiday cheer for all you amazing customers. The atmosphere here is electric, and we are about to wrap you in joy!

Today, I am announcing our Stocking Stuffers Event at Super Speciosa. For the first time ever, we’re giving away tons of free products. 

Without further ado, it’s time to stuff the stockings with super goodies. Let’s make your holiday season even merrier.

The Stocking Stuffers Offer: Stock Up on Free Kratom

Here’s the exciting scoop: Spend at least $49 and take home our top-of-the-line premium products (valued at $42) for free! A treat made for the holiday dreams.

It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ for being part of the Super Speciosa family.

A Dash of Festive Magic: How It Works

Snagging your festive freebies is as easy as decorating a gingerbread house. Buy your favorite Super Speciosa products and let your cart hit $49. We will add the complimentary products, worth $42, to your order like a gift from Santa himself.

‘Tis the season for savings, and we can’t wait to share the spirit of giving with you.

What’s In Your Stocking?

From mood-boosting essentials to delectable treats, each item is a gift carefully chosen to bring a smile to your face. Prepare to be delighted as we reveal the featured “stocking stuffers” awaiting you.

Super Feels Chill Vibes

Let me spill the tea on my not-so-secret weapon in the warehouse – the Super Feels Chill Vibes. It comes in a 60ml liquid shot, with a special blend including Kava Extract! 

This liquid shot combines the calming effects of kava with the benefits of kratom, crafted after months of research.

With 35mg of kratom extract and 25mg of kava extract per serving, it’s like a double dose of tranquility. I mean, who needs stress when you can have a liquid hug for your soul, right?

It ensures soothing relaxation, an elevated mood, and an all-encompassing sense of well-being. Read our blog to learn the similarities and differences between kratom and kava. 

Unlike traditional kratom products, this shot doesn’t belong to a specific strain or vein color. Rather, it’s an extract product, a concentrated essence that captures the soul of both the kratom and kava plants.

Enjoy the best of both worlds – it’s Randy-approved relaxation. Read more about the wonders of Super Feels Chill Vibes in our blog.

Safe Usage Guidelines:

If you’re new to kratom or kava, start with a small serving to see how it affects you. Our potent and enjoyable drink gives you the best of both worlds. Shake well before using; begin with half a bottle, wait 30 minutes, and stick to no more than 2 servings in 24 hours.

Customer Reviews

“Super solid product, I would be inclined to use it every once in a while. Great effects. Haven’t felt that warm relaxation that strongly in a while.”

Flavored Kratom Stick Packs (1 of each flavor)

These three flavored kratom powder products are a crowd favorite, just like that one-holiday playlist everyone loves. The delicious taste is a treat for any kratom lover’s tastebuds. Each stick pack is locked n’ loaded with 5g of flavored kratom powder.

Just tear open the pack and add it to your water bottle. Shake it up, and you have got yourself a delicious serving of kratom. If you plan to get social during the bustling holidays, these are great for on-the-go experiences. 

Also, if you haven’t tried our smart shaker yet, don’t forget to add it to your cart. It’s the perfect addition to your kratom gear collection and works so well with these sticks packs.  It’s BPA and DHEP-free and absolutely silent. Yeah, you heard that right! Read the review:

“Talk about simple genius and super convenient – I love this little puppy.”

Santa adding orange kratom gummies to a stocking for a kratom stocking stuffer.

15 mg Kratom Extract Gummies (4ct): Peach & Orange Flavored

Allow me to introduce you to our Peach & Orange Kratom Extract Gummies. Each gummy is a bite-sized celebration of fruity bliss and wellness with all-natural ingredients. 

Peach Gummies are a delightful mix of sun-ripened peaches and natural kratom extract. 

Indulge in the sun-soaked goodness of peaches while riding the energetic wave of natural kratom extract. It’s like having a taste of summer amidst the winter hustle!

And then, there’s the Orange Gummies – a vibrant, zesty twist that feels like a burst of sunshine in every bite. Gummies offer a tasty and natural way to seamlessly integrate the benefits of kratom into your daily routine.

Kratom gummies are my quick pick-me-up, perfectly portioned in a pack of four. So, just toss it in your pocket and take them with you anywhere you are gonna be this holiday season.

Want to find your own favorites, read our guide to all kratom gummies!

Safe Usage Guidelines:

Let me drop some wisdom as sweet as these gummies. Kratom Gummies are a perfect choice for beginners. However, ease into it by starting with a small serving—perhaps 2 gummies—and adjust based on your preferences,  but here’s a Randy tip – keep it sweet and steady. No need to go full-speed ahead!

Avoid exceeding two servings in 24 hours. Each regular gummy, containing 15mg of Mitragynine, is equivalent to 1 gram of kratom powder with 1.5% MIT levels.

Customer Reviews:

“Great product! I would highly recommend it.”

“A lot easier to take than the powder, will buy again.”

How to Redeem

Fill Your Cart:

Browse our wide range of products, from kratom powder to capsules, tablets, extracts, and teas. Select your favorites, ensuring your cart totals at least $49 to qualify for the festive freebies.

As you reach the $49 threshold, uncover the featured stocking stuffers. The free products, Super Feels Chill Vibes, Flavored Kratom Stick Packs, Peach Gummies, and Orange Gummies, will automatically appear in your cart. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your valued patronage.

Check Out and Enjoy:

Proceed to checkout and watch the magic unfold. We will subtract your festive freebies, valued at $42, from your total. Double-check your order to ensure everything looks just right, and voila – you have filled your cart with holiday cheer!

Act Fast – Limited Time Only

Remember, the Stocking Stuffers Event is a one-day event on December 11th. Act fast to seize this festive opportunity and unwrap the joy. With limited quantities available, ensure you take advantage of the chance to elevate your holiday season.

Kratom stocking stuffers like kratom gummies, kratom shots, and kratom flavored sticks on a tree.


It’s that simple! Follow these steps, and prepare to unwrap a stocking full of surprises with our featured products. 

We invite you to join us in the excitement of our Stocking Stuffers Event on December 11th. Dive into the joy of discovering and enjoying our specially curated products. 

Happy shopping, and may joy and festive freebies fill your holiday season!

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