Nano Kratom Benefits: What You Need to Know

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Nano Kratom Powder shown in bowl. Explore Nano Kratom’s benefits.


The kratom industry is rapidly evolving in a dynamic botanical landscape, with kratom vendors like Super Speciosa always pushing the boundaries of innovation. Nano kratom is a fascinating addition to this mix, blending cutting-edge nanotechnology with the natural essence of kratom leaves. 

With its ultra-fine texture and unique properties, nano kratom is a game-changer that demands exploration.

Join us on a journey to uncover the essence of nano kratom – what it is, how it’s crafted using advanced nanotechnology, its benefits, and why it’s captivating the kratom community. Whether you’re a seasoned kratom enthusiast or a newcomer, the future of kratom awaits. And at the forefront of this evolution is Velveteen, one of the new products by Super Speciosa, ready to lead the way.

What is Nano Kratom Powder?

Nano kratom is a groundbreaking innovation in the world of kratom, reshaping our experience with this natural botanical. At its core, nano kratom is finely ground kratom powder that undergoes a meticulous refinement process, enhancing its bioavailability.

Bioavailability refers to how efficiently our body can absorb and use a substance. Regarding kratom, higher bioavailability translates to more profound and faster-acting effects.

Think of it like using powdered sugar instead of a sugar cube in your tea. Just as powdered sugar quickly dissolves and infuses into your tea, nano kratom’s ultra-fine particles dramatically boost its absorption rate and effectiveness compared to regular kratom powder.

How is Nano Kratom Made?

Nano kratom is made using specialized milling techniques that finely grind kratom leaves to an ultra-fine texture, significantly smaller than regular kratom powder particles. Here’s a brief overview of the process:

  • Quality Leaves: High-quality kratom leaves are harvested and prepared for processing.
  • Nano Milling: Specialized nano mills are employed to finely grind the leaves, achieving an ultra-fine particle size.
  • Precise Filtering: The resulting kratom powder undergoes thorough filtering to remove larger particles and impurities, ensuring consistency.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control checks are performed to verify particle size, potency, and purity.
  • Packaging: Once approved, the nano kratom powder is packaged for consumer availability.

What Are the Effects of Nano Kratom?

The effects of nano kratom can vary depending on the specific strain and alkaloid content, but in general, nano kratom is known for its faster onset of effects and increased potency compared to regular kratom powder. Here are some common effects associated with nano kratom:

  • Quick Onset: Nano kratom offers a faster onset of effects.
  • Increased Potency: It’s more potent than regular kratom powder.
  • Energy Boost: Provides sustained energy and improved focus.
  • Mood Enhancement: Promotes a positive mood and reduces stress.
Super Speciosa special batch Velveteen Nano Kratom Powder next to bowl of kratom powder and spoon.

Velveteen: Super Speciosa’s Nano Kratom Powder Strain

At Super Speciosa, we’re dedicated to elevating the kratom experience, and we’ve introduced a game-changing addition: nano kratom. This innovative approach, powered by nanotechnology, revolves around smaller particle sizes to maximize kratom’s alkaloid potential.

Velveteen, a luxurious green vein kratom strain, born from a vision to redefine the best kratom experience. Traditional kratom’s gritty texture posed challenges for enthusiasts. The solution? Leveraging nanotechnology to create smaller particle sizes.

This transformation isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about maximizing the absorption of alkaloids in kratom. Velveteen’s silky texture is the result of months of meticulous development.

It’s a revolution in the kratom industry that promises to elevate your kratom experience.

What Makes Velveteen Stand Out?

Say farewell to gritty kratom mixes! Crafted from ultra-fine nano kratom, Velveteen boasts high bioavailability, giving you maximum benefit from each serving. Velveteen is the strain for those seeking the ultimate kratom experience. Here’s why it’s special:

  • Fast-Acting, Uplifting Effects: Velveteen delivers a quick, revitalizing experience.
  • High Bioavailability: Its ultra-fine texture ensures maximum absorption of alkaloids for potent effects.
  • Ultra-Finely Ground: Velveteen’s fine texture blends seamlessly into beverages, perfect for kratom tea.

To dive deeper into the wonders of this form of kratom, check out our guide.

Effects of Velveteen

Velveteen is a high mitragynine green vein strain, with an alkaloid profile similar to our best-selling Green Maeng Da kratom strain. With a robust mitragynine level of 1.48%, Velveteen offers an impressive alkaloid profile that mirrors the energizing and mood-enhancing qualities for which Green Maeng Da is renowned.

  • Balanced Energizing Effect: Velveteen strikes a harmonious balance between energy and serenity.
  • Swift Revitalization: It makes daily tasks more manageable and less overwhelming.
  • Dual-phase Experience: Velveteen’s effects encompass an initial wave of energy, followed by serenity.
  • Enhanced Focus and Clarity: This dual-phase experience promotes heightened focus and mental clarity without overwhelming stimulation.

Serving Guidelines and Precautions

As you embark on your nano kratom journey, remember that individual experiences may vary. You can mix nano kratom powder with warm water and watch the fine grain dissolve effortlessly!

Disclaimer: Super Speciosa recommends all its kratom consumers take no more than 2.4 grams of pure leaf kratom powder per serving. This roughly equals 1 teaspoon and should not be taken more than twice in 24 hours.

You can also calculate the exact mitragynine percentage to adjust your serving size, with each new batch varying in its alkaloid content. Beginners are recommended to start small. 

Use this guide to learn more about the safe usage of kratom.

Why Super Speciosa’s Nano Powder: Quality, Safety, Transparency

Super Speciosa ranks among the top online kratom vendors in the kratom industry. Founded by Ken and Aaron in 2016 with a vision of ‘kratom with a conscience,’ Super Speciosa prioritizes safe, clean, and high-quality kratom products. The company adheres to the Good Manufacturing Practices program by the American Kratom Association, ensuring quality control and safety. Explore our GMP process for more on kratom safety.

AKA’s GMP Standards Program ensures consumer safety by requiring participants to qualify suppliers, document standard operating procedures, and implement lab-testing strategies to protect against microbes, heavy metals, mold, and other contaminants of public health concern. Our tailored manufacturing system ensures top-tier, meticulously handled pure kratom tree leaf products for our valued customers.

Best kratom vendors like Super Speciosa, who meet and uphold this program’s high standards, are listed as an AKA Qualified Vendor. We ensure accessibility and our products proudly display the “AKA GMP Qualified” seal on our packaging. Super Speciosa offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, underscoring their dedication to customer satisfaction and strong relationships.

The third-party lab testing also verifies the potency and purity of Super Speciosa’s kratom strains. This means you can have confidence in the consistency and effectiveness of the best kratom products you purchase from us. Get to know all the advantages of choosing Super Speciosa’s lab-tested kratom.

Other Kratom Products by Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa is a premium kratom vendor offering the best variety of kratom products in the market:

Kratom Capsules: Tasteless capsules, each containing 500 milligrams of kratom powder.

Kratom Powder: Ground Mitragyna speciosa leaves, versatile in consumption and popular among all kratom consumers.

Kratom Tablets: Pressed kratom powder tablets, made for extra convenience and on-the-go use.

Kratom Gummies: Tasty gummies infused with Mitragynine for a delightful treat.

Flavored Kratom Powder: Flavorful kratom powder options, made for a bitter-free taste.

Kratom Tea & Blends: Crushed kratom leaves come in individual pouches, with some varieties including other herbs such as chamomile to enhance the kratom experience.

Kratom Extracts: Made with kratom extract powder and other delicious ingredients for a flavorful and potent kratom experience.

Kratom Liquids: Made with our premium kratom extract, liquid kratom is excellent by itself or in a refreshing mocktail.

Buy kratom online, checkout, and get same-day shipping for orders placed before 2 PM Eastern.

Close up view of Nano Kratom Powder in bowl with spoon


How Does Velveteen’s Texture Differ From Regular Kratom Powder?

Velveteen boasts a super fluffy, ultra-fine grain that starkly contrasts regular kratom powders. While traditional powders may sometimes be gritty or clumpy, Velveteen offers a silky-smooth consistency that helps blend better with your beverage of choice.

Is Nano Kratom Safe To Use?

Like all kratom products, nano kratom should be used responsibly and per recommended serving guidelines. Start with a smaller serving and adjust based on your response.

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved kratom as a dietary supplement, we at Super Speciosa make sure all of our products go through FDA standards for food and dietary supplements to ensure our products are safe for consumption. Read more on kratom safety.

Is Nano Kratom Suitable For Beginners?

Beginners can use nano kratom, but it’s essential to exercise caution and start with a smaller serving to gauge its effects. If you’re new to kratom, consider consulting with experienced users or using our guide.

Can I Switch From Regular Kratom To Nano Kratom?

Yes, you can switch to nano kratom if you’re interested in experiencing its potential benefits, such as faster onset and enhanced bioavailability. Start with a smaller serving to assess your tolerance.

What’s The Best Way To Mix Nano Kratom Powder?

Thanks to its ultra-fine consistency, you can avoid grittiness when mixing with water, juice, or smoothies. Add your desired serving to your drink, stir well, and enjoy a clump-free, smooth beverage. For the best nano-kratom experience, make kratom tea with hot water!

Visit our blog on how to mix kratom powder and explore all the amazing ways you can take kratom!

Why Is Bioavailability Important For Kratom?

Bioavailability refers to how efficiently your body can absorb and utilize a substance. Higher bioavailability means more kratom goodness is absorbed into your system, ensuring maximum benefits from every serving.

The ultra-fine grain of nano kratom promotes quick absorption into your system. This means you’ll likely experience the desired effects more rapidly than with traditional kratom powders, optimizing your kratom experience in a shorter time frame.

Are There Specific Serving Recommendations For Velveteen Kratom Powder Due To Its Fine Texture?

While Velveteen’s fine texture promotes better absorption, start with our recommended serving size of 2.4 grams, which is around 1 teaspoon.

Since Velveteen’s density differs from other kratom powders, we highly suggest using a scale to accurately measure your serving size! As with all kratom products, monitor your body’s responses and adjust as necessary to find your ideal serving.

Please read our blog for a more detailed take on kratom serving sizes.

How Does The Fast Absorption Of Nano Kratom Benefit Kratom Consumers?

The ultra-fine grain of nano kratom powder promotes quick absorption into your system. This means you’ll likely experience the desired effects more rapidly than with traditional kratom powders, optimizing your kratom experience in a shorter time frame.

What Makes Velveteen A Luxury Kratom Product?

Velveteen is the pinnacle of refinement in kratom products. Its ultra-fine, silky texture, optimal bioavailability, and rapid effects offer kratom consumers an unmatched premium experience.

This strain stands out from the rest, and we also work directly with our farmers in Indonesia to select the high-quality kratom packaged in our American Kratom Association, GMP-approved facility.

Offering the finest botanicals in the kratom industry, Super Speciosa’s Velveteen is for those who seek the very best in their kratom journey. 

Yes, nano kratom is legal on a federal level. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has not controlled or scheduled kratom at the federal level. However, kratom is still illegal in some U.S. states, cities, and counties.

States where kratom is illegal: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Cities and counties where kratom is currently illegal: Sarasota County, FL; Union County, MS; San Diego, CA; Jerseyville, IL; Oceanside, CA; and Ontario, OR.

You are also welcome to use this page as your go-to resource on kratom legality. We regularly update this page and the kratom legality map to ensure you have the most accurate information regarding kratom legality in your state.

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