How to Drink Kratom Powder

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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If you’ve been interested in trying out natural herbs as dietary supplements in an authentic way, kratom should be on the top of your herb list. Small servings of this powerful herb, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa can increase alertness, physical energy, and talkativeness while large servings can induce relaxing effects.

A highly effective way to take kratom leaves is its powder form. Kratom powder is an instant choice for kratom lovers because it offers versatility even if you’ve just started. You can mix it with water, toss and wash, brew teas and coffees, or blend it with juices and smoothies. 

In this super blog, we particularly discuss how to drink kratom powder and all the not-so-secret tips you should know for a great first-time experience. Even if you have been taking it before, you can still take a leaf out of Super Speciosa’s Kratom Guidebook.

Essentially, there are three easy ways to drink kratom powder. 

  1. Drink Kratom with Water
  2. Make Kratom Tea
  3. Blend a Kratom Smoothie

How to Drink Kratom Powder with Water

Mix Kratom with a glass of water

One of the simplest and quickest ways to drink kratom powder is to simply mix it with water. 

How-to: Simply fill up your glass of water, add your desired serving size, and mix it with a spoon.

This method is the most common but kratom beginners might find the earthy taste of kratom a little too much for their liking. The best way then would be to drink our three flavored kratom powders:

Toss and wash

Another popular method among kratom power users is to toss and wash. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of this simple and effective method for drinking kratom powder.

Step 1: Use a scale or measuring spoon to measure the serving size. Break it down if you are a beginner for extra ease.

Step 2: Choose a drink that you enjoy daily, and will easily wash the powder down. Water, juice, or a flavored beverage can all be good options.

Step 3: To “toss” the kratom powder, carefully place the kratom powder directly onto the back of your tongue, avoiding too much contact for minimal taste.

Step 4: “Wash” the kratom powder with your drink. Swirl the liquid around to mix the powder and liquid to avoid any clumping. Drink as much as you like to fully wash it down.

If you’re not yet comfortable with the toss and wash, there are other ways to drink kratom powder including kratom teas and kratom smoothies. 

Tips to Make the Best Kratom Tea

In all honesty, mornings can be hard to get used to. Sometimes, just the thought of starting a day full of chores and mundane tasks can be overwhelming. 

Traditionally served as a ceremonial tea, kratom tea has been a revered custom of drinking kratom by the locals of Southeast Asia. For modern uses, whether it’s a hot cup of tea for winter or iced kratom tea on a hot summer day, the effects of kratom aren’t lost when brewing the tea.

Kratom powder brewed in tea can have increased stimulant effects. Many kratom users describe the effects of kratom tea as being an active mood booster and inducing feelings of euphoria, particularly when taken on an empty stomach. 

Kratom tea also minimizes the sedative effects while also keeping wobbles away. Wobbles can be experienced when you take too much kratom and can cause difficulty in concentration and slight dizziness.

Since kratom alkaloids mainly mitragynine are much more stable than other psychoactive compounds, boiling it won’t damage any of the alkaloids. Heating the tea can also release alkaloids faster and thus are absorbed much faster in your bloodstream to bind to the opioid receptors in your body.

Boiled in a pot, brewed in a teapot, or heated up in the sun, a cup of kratom tea perks you right up to take on your day. Get started and learn all about it in our super-detailed blog on kratom tea and three simple recipes.

While you are at it, here are some extra guidelines to make your tea taste even better:

Add a slice of lemon: Citrus fruits with their acidic compounds can activate alkaloids and give your kratom tea a pleasant taste. 

Add a sweetener: Many kratom tea lovers add honey, sugar, cinnamon, or stevia for a sweeter taste. 

For Iced Tea: let it cool down in the fridge for an hour or so to have a chilled kratom iced tea experience. 

Take it slow: Enjoy your tea slowly so that it allows the effects to roll in which on average takes about half an hour. 

When you need a little pick-me-up or a level head with focus, starting your day with kratom tea can be a game changer. But if you are looking for ways to better mask the earthy taste of kratom, blended smoothies might just be the thing for you. 

How to Drink Kratom with a Super Smoothie

Many kratom users mix kratom powder into a delicious smoothie to avoid its earthy aftertaste. White and green strains are ideal for morning smoothies, while red strains are more suitable for late afternoon or evening consumption.

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Here’s how to fix yourself a kratom smoothie:

Choose a base: Yogurt, fruit juice, avocado, or nut butter are great options.

Add your ingredients: Based on what you prefer, chocolate, leafy green vegetables, mango, banana, or citrus fruits can be blended in for a perfect mix. 

Add sweeteners like honey, agave, maple syrup, and protein powder. 

Make sure to blend it at high speed with other ingredients so it mixes evenly. The best thing about kratom smoothies is that you can also customize the recipe in any way to suit your preferences and nutrient needs.

Does Kratom Powder mix well with liquids?

While drinking kratom powder with water is very common, getting it to dissolve into liquids is not as easy. Kratom is a plant matter and even though kratom powder is minuscule fine, it remains hydrophobic. 

What happens when you mix kratom powder with liquids? When you try to mix kratom powder, it usually mixes evenly for a while before pooling together at the bottom of your drink whether it’s water or orange juice. However, there are ways to make things easy for yourself.

Pro-tip 1: Room Temperature Water Works Well

Warming up your glass of water or beverage will make it much easier for you to mix kratom powder. There’s no need to boil the water unless you are making kratom tea.

Pro-tip 2: Use a Whisk or a Blender Bottle

Using a whisk is hard work and it’s smarter to use a kitchen blender. If you like to blend milkshakes, smoothies, or just protein powder, you are more than familiar with this method. 

Blending kratom powder makes it easy to suspend the powder evenly in your drink. You can always reblend if the powder separates. 

Pro-tip 3: Liquid First, Powder Second

Many kratom beginners make the mistake to add the powder first and followed by water like most other powder-based beverages in the market. With kratom powder, this ends up with a poorly mixed dusty drink that’s hard to get down your throat.

Pro-tip 4: Get the Liquid and Kratom Powder Proportion Right

Kratom powder can be dense for liquids making it supersaturated if the proportion isn’t quite right. Just continue adding more liquid until you find the right consistency. 

Also, don’t panic if you get it wrong and make clumps of kratom powder. Simply, add more water and blend it again.

If you are not confident enough to drink kratom in any way, there are still other ways to harness the benefits of kratom. Super Speciosa offers multiple kratom products such as kratom capsulestablets, and flavored gummies.

How Much Kratom Powder Should I Take?

Kratom is a unique herb and its effect varies not only with the different alkaloid profiles, batches, or serving sizes but may also have slight variations depending on your size and weight.

The standard serving size is 2.4g or around 1 teaspoon, and it’s best not to exceed two servings in 24 hours. For more accurate serving sizes, use a digital scale instead of a measuring spoon.

Kratom powder can take effect quicker if your body fat percentage is low. In this case, try starting with half the serving size as normally suggested and work your way up.

If you are not looking for a potent experience, make sure to have some food rather than taking kratom on an empty stomach. This also helps you avoid nausea or other side effects.

When considering your serving size with a new batch of kratom powder, test its potency by starting small. The alkaloid content of kratom leaves naturally varies such that two different batches can have their Mitragynine range between 0.5% to 1.5%.

At Super Speciosa, our strain varieties are categorized based on their mitragynine potency. For example, Maeng Da Kratom from Super Speciosa tests consistently above 1.0%. Learn more about how Super Speciosa categorizes its kratom strains based on alkaloid potency.

Is Kratom Powder Safe?

At Super Speciosa, the safe and effective use of kratom is a major priority. Each kratom batch is thoroughly tested and for full transparency, the lab results are accessible right from the kratom pack in your hands. Here’s a deeper look at our GMP-qualified lab testing

While we make our best efforts for a healthy kratom experience, it does not replace expert medical advice. If you experience any side effects such as drowsiness, consult your health care provider immediately. Super Speciosa also doesn’t advocate kratom in any way as an alternative to treatment options related to opiates, substance use or drug use. FDA-approved treatments should be sought instead for any addiction treatment.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), kratom is not yet approved for any use whether as a dietary supplement or for medical purposes. This is why we cannot make any medical claims such as pain relief and mental health.

In recent years, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has attempted multiple times to ban kratom but failed. This was mainly due to contamination reports with salmonella, and the potential for substance abuse of psychoactive drugs. However, kratom is also not currently scheduled as a controlled substance.

With KCPA passed in 9 states, Kratom remains legal in most states, cities, and counties, except Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Sarasota County, FL, Union County, MS, San Diego, CA, Jerseyville, IL, Oceanside, CA, and Ontario, OR.

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