How Long Does Kratom Take to Kick In?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

how long does kratom take to kick in

Kratom is a relatively fast-acting dietary supplement. The swift effects make kratom attractive for those seeking its diverse benefits. So how long does kratom take to kick in? Let’s break down the factors in this blog.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a natural botanical derived from the crushed leaves of an evergreen tropical tree: Mitragyna speciosa korth. In the US, it is sourced from Southeast Asia and is available as a dietary supplement. Kratom has a range of energizing and relaxing effects for your mind and body.

Factors Influencing How Long For Kratom to Kick in

How long does kratom take to kick in depends on which form of kratom you take, how the body breaks it down for absorption, the serving size and strain, your metabolism and food intake, and your natural tolerance.

The Delivery Method

Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) is a close relative of the coffee plant. It has natural compounds called alkaloids. Mitragynine is a key active ingredient and the driving force behind all the effects. These alkaloids bind to receptors responsible for positivity, happiness, and relief.

Types of kratom products can be mainly divided into raw kratom leaves, kratom powder forms, and kratom extract forms.

Kratom powder forms include regular kratom powder, flavored kratom powder, kratom capsules, and kratom tablets. Kratom extract forms include kratom gummies, kratom shots, kratom soft gels, and kratom liquids. Lastly, you can also take kratom tea bags.

These forms differ in how long it takes for kratom to kick in. 

Powdered kratom onsets in about 15-30 minutes with capsules taking a bit longer because of the gelatin barrier. Compare kratom capsules vs powder.

In contrast, kratom tea has a gentler and milder onset than all other forms of kratom. 

Kratom extracts have a much faster onset than kratom powder. See kratom extract vs powder.

Kratom Serving Size

Note that smaller serving sizes energize while larger serving sizes relax. While scientific literature on kratom is limited, some sources suggest smaller serving sizes may absorb faster into the system. 

Larger servings, in contrast, may saturate the absorption mechanisms and slow down the process. Larger serving sizes may kick in slowly and the effects may also last longer in the body.

The Specific Kratom Strain

At Super Speciosa, strains of kratom are categorized based on the mitragynine concentration, reported in w/w% i.e. weight for weight or weight in weight. 

This means that at 1.5% mitragynine percentage, 1.5% of the whole product is made up of mitragynine. So, 1.5% of a 2.4g serving size is .036 grams or 36mg of mitragynine.

Here are the thresholds of Mitragynine for our different strains:

Based on this, the higher the mitragynine percentage, the stronger and faster you will feel the effects. 

Your Metabolism and Food Intake

Your metabolism and digestive health is a key factor. The healthier your metabolism, the faster your body breaks down kratom. 

Active metabolism also helps your digestive functions process kratom’s alkaloids efficiently and leads to faster absorption into your system. Your age, body weight, and lifestyle can affect your metabolism. Old age, larger body weight, and a sedentary lifestyle can significantly slow down the body’s metabolism and digestive functions.

Food intake also affects how long kratom takes to kick in. Generally, light food intake helps the body avoid any sudden effects of quick-absorbing supplements. Kratom ingestion on an empty stomach can quicken how long it takes for kratom to kick in. Many kratom consumers have found taking kratom on an empty stomach helps potentiate the effects. Certain foods rich in fats and citric acid (lemon juice) can also increase the absorption rates.


Hydration is important when taking kratom. As your body processes kratom and absorbs its alkaloids, it can dehydrate. Water helps your body process kratom efficiently. It’s generally recommended to keep your hydration level up to avoid dehydration. Similar side effects include constipation and dry mouth.


Your body’s natural tolerance level depends on how frequently you take kratom. Habitual use of kratom can build a tolerance level. A high tolerance level will slow down the effects of kratom and it will take longer and more kratom to produce the same effects.

As a general recommendation, it’s advised to take regular tolerance breaks or switch up your strains to break the cycle and help your body process kratom effectively.

So, How Long Does Kratom Take to Kick In?

Kratom powder products in general take about 15-30 minutes to kick in. Extract forms have a faster onset while kratom tea has a gentler and longer onset than other forms. 

Tips on Taking Kratom as a Beginner

As a beginner, the first thing to consider is how kratom can serve your needs. What is your ideal use case? Do you want to take kratom supplements to replace your daily caffeine? Do you want kratom to boost your energy levels throughout the day? Do you wish to be more active physically and take kratom as a pre-workout? See benefits of green kratom.

Or do you want red vein kratom to relieve daily stress, physical discomforts, and body tension? All these questions should help you identify how kratom can be a part of your wellness regimen.

Choosing the Right Strain and Method

If you have considered the why, you will be halfway through selecting the perfect strain and form of kratom. If you have multiple use cases and would like to try different strains, check our Super Speciosa’s Powder Flight sample pack including 5 unique kratom strains (a 20-gram pouch of each). 

Navigating Serving Size

As a beginner, you should always start with small serving sizes to gauge the effects. It keeps you safe and lets you understand how your body responds to kratom. If the effects are as desired, you can safely adjust your serving size to your needs.

A small serving ranges from 0.5-1.0 grams of kratom powder, 2-3 regular kratom capsules, or one-half of 35 mg extra strength gummy.

What to Expect

A small serving usually boosts energy levels and alertness. You can expect mental clarity, enhanced focus, and stress release. If you are looking for recreational use, check out the best kratom for creativity.

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Closing Thoughts on How Long For Kratom to Kick in

In conclusion how long does kratom take to kick in depends on multiple factors including your natural biochemistry, tolerance level, serving size, specific strain, and form of kratom.

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