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Super Speciosa is an AKA GMP qualified vendor!

Super Speciosa is proud to be recognized by the American Kratom Association (AKA) as a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Qualified Vendor. By earning this accreditation, our team has demonstrated its commitment to consumer safety and raising the bar for quality standards in the kratom community.

Good Manufacturing Practices are guidelines that provide for a system of quality to ensure that supplement products meet standards for quality, identity, purity, and strength. By adhering to GMP standards, Super Speciosa is able to meet customers’ demands for safe, lab-tested, and fully traceable kratom products that are severely lacking elsewhere in the market. The AKA has developed a set of GMP guidelines that can be reviewed on their website. To earn this recognition from the AKA, we opened our doors to an independent auditor who inspected our operations and facility.

Based on our data, 10%-20% of raw kratom materials imported from Indonesia to the United States fail to pass quality standards for contamination and heavy metals. Unfortunately, substandard kratom leaf often makes its way into kratom products anyway. Realizing the value that kratom has to millions of Americans, we made it our mission to solve this critical problem.

We have implemented a rigid system to track kratom carefully as it makes its way through our production process. All of our kratom is pasteurized at a gentle heat, prepared into small batches, blended for consistency, and then tested by independent laboratories.

We know that transparency is critical in earning our customers’ trust. That’s why we place a unique QR code on each product’s label. When the customer scans this QR code with their mobile device, it links them directly to the lab certificates for the specific batch they are holding in their hands. We are the first kratom brand in the market to offer this kind of traceability.

Our commitment to GMP is long-term, and we will continue to improve our processes to meet the demand for trusted, clean, unadulterated kratom products. We take pride in serving our customers and offering them the quality they deserve. Super Speciosa is grateful to be a part of the kratom community and we will continue our work to advocate for a plant that is positively impacting so many lives!

Kratom quality & GMP.

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Kratom lab testing.

There's no better way to determine the quality of kratom than third-party laboratory testing. Find out about the importance of lab testing.

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