How to Buy Kratom in Bulk

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Super Speciosa kratom powder bags. Buy Kratom in Bulk.

Welcome to the world of premium kratom at Super Speciosa, your trusted source for high-quality kratom strains, powders, capsules, tablets, and more! We offer our customers a safe, reliable, and convenient way to enjoy the natural wellness benefits of kratom.

In this guide, we’ll discuss why purchasing in bulk might be the right choice for you. We’ll also cover essential aspects of proper storage and unveil our exclusive kratom wholesale program for businesses and distributors.

Read on if you’re ready to save, enjoy convenience, and buy top-tier kratom. Let’s explore the world of bulk kratom purchases at Super Speciosa!

Why Buy Kratom in Bulk

Purchasing kratom in bulk quantities is a smart choice for both seasoned kratom enthusiasts and newcomers to this remarkable botanical. It offers several compelling benefits that enhance your kratom experience and ensure you always have access to your favorite strains. Let’s delve into why buying the highest quality kratom in bulk makes sense:

Cost Savings

One of the most enticing reasons to buy kratom in bulk is its significant cost savings. When you buy kratom in large quantities, you often enjoy substantial discounts per gram, which translates to more value for your money. 

Additionally, bulk kratom buying saves you all the shipping costs of frequent ordering. In the long run, these savings add up considerably.

Buying kratom in bulk is cost-effective and fun when you see how much you can save. Let’s break it down:

Imagine you’re a fan of our premium Signature Reserve Kratom Powder, and you usually buy 20g at a time for $9.99. Now, if you’re a regular kratom consumer, you know that won’t last very long. But what if we told you you could have a whopping 1kg of kratom for a bit more?

Here’s the exciting part: We price 1kg of kratom powder at only $154.99.So, how much does each gram of kratom cost in each scenario?

  • 20g for $9.99 means paying approximately $0.50 per gram.
  • But with 1kg for $154.99, you get the same high-quality kratom for just about $0.15 per gram!

That’s right, you’re saving a significant chunk of change when you buy in bulk. By purchasing kratom in bulk, you get more for your dollar and reduce the frequency of your purchases, saving you time and effort. It’s a budget-friendly way to ensure you have an ample supply of kratom without breaking the bank.


Convenience is another compelling reason to opt for bulk kratom purchases. 

If you buy kratom from smoke shops, you probably have encountered availability issues for most strains. This either becomes an extra trip to the smoke shop or a long wait until your favorite strain is restocked. 

Remember that smoke shop kratom can often be unreliable, especially if lab-test results are not accessible or there’s no GMP-qualified certification seal on the label.

Having a surplus of kratom on hand is also super convenient for enjoying your favorite kratom strains whenever you want without the hassle of reordering frequently.

Not to mention, buying in bulk reduces packaging waste and minimizes the environmental impact of multiple shipments. It’s a win-win situation for both your convenience and the planet.

Ensuring Product Availability

Kratom availability can sometimes be unpredictable due to various factors, including seasonal variations and changes in demand. Buying in bulk provides you with a buffer against potential shortages. You won’t have to worry about your preferred strains running out of stock when you need them most.

Ensuring product availability also means exploring various kratom strains and varieties without concerns about limited supplies. Whether you’re a fan of classic kratom strains or enjoy experimenting with different options, buying in bulk ensures you can always access the desired kratom products.

In summary, buying kratom in bulk offers cost savings. It provides convenience and the peace of mind of consistently supplying your favorite kratom strains. It’s a smart choice for those who value their kratom experience and want to make the most of this incredible botanical.

Bulk Buying Kratom at Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa, renowned as the best kratom vendor, brings you a wide selection of high-quality products when buying in bulk. Experience the utmost value and convenience as you dive into our range of bulk purchasing choices. Find out how you can save big:

Bulk Kratom Powder Options

Our premium kratom powders are available in two generous bulk sizes:

1. 1kg Sizes: Our 1kg option is perfect for the kratom enthusiast seeking a substantial supply. Take the popular Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder, for example. Purchasing 20g of this kratom strain would cost $9.99, but when you opt for the 1kg size, you get it for just $139.99. That’s approximately $0.14 per gram, offering significant savings compared to smaller quantities.

2. 5kg Sizes: We offer a 5kg bulk size for the true kratom connoisseur. Let’s continue with the example of Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder. The 5kg size is available at an attractive price of $499, which breaks down to approximately $0.10 per gram, providing even more significant savings.

Bulk Kratom Capsules and Tablets

If you prefer the convenience of kratom capsules and tablets, we have you covered with bulk options, too. For example:

1. Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules – These are available in four quantities:

   – 60 count (30g) – Priced at $16, equating to approximately $0.53 per gram.

   – 180 count (90g) – Priced at $43, which is approximately $0.48 per gram.

   – 320 count (160g) – Priced at $58.99, approximately $0.37 per gram.

   – 1000 count (500g) – Priced at $119.99, approximately $0.24 per gram. This option offers significant savings compared to the smaller quantity.

2. White Maeng Da Kratom Tablets – These also come in two quantities:

   – 150g – Priced at $59.99, approximately $0.40 per gram.

   – 1kg – Priced at $249.99, approximately $0.25 per gram. This option provides substantial cost savings compared to the smaller quantity.

Savings with Bulk Purchases

When you choose to buy kratom in bulk from Super Speciosa, it’s not only about getting a larger quantity; it’s also about getting more value for your money. Purchasing larger quantities means paying a lower price per gram, making each purchase more affordable for your budget.Whether you’re a devoted kratom enthusiast or just starting your journey, our bulk purchasing options allow you to get more for your money while ensuring you always have your favorite strains at your fingertips.

Red Bali Kratom Bags in a group for Wholesale Kratom.

Super Speciosa’s Wholesale Kratom Program

If you’re in the business of kratom, Super Speciosa is your trusted partner. Whether you operate a store, distribute products, or are considering entering the market, we’re here for you. We have designed our Wholesale Kratom program to cater to your bulk kratom needs. We offer the best high-quality products at attractive discounts.

What is the Wholesale Kratom program?

At Super Speciosa, we understand the unique demands of businesses in the kratom industry. Our Wholesale program is your gateway to a world of high-quality, GMP-certified kratom products. Whether you’re a seasoned distributor or just starting your journey, our program tailors to meet your wholesale kratom requirements.

Benefits of the Wholesale Program

Why choose Super Speciosa’s Wholesale Program? Here are some compelling reasons:

Quality Assurance: Our Super Speciosa branded GMP products are renowned for their quality. When you partner with us, you’re offering your customers top-tier kratom.

Wholesale Discounts: Buying in bulk means significant cost savings. Our wholesale pricing structure ensures you can maximize your profits while providing the best to your customers.

Product Variety: From Super Speciosa branded products to white-label options, we offer a diverse range of kratom products, allowing you to cater to a wide customer base.

Promotional Support: We continue beyond delivering products. We provide promotional materials like posters, window clings, brochures, catalogs, and even stylish t-shirts to help you market our kratom products effectively.


Our Wholesale Program is open to a range of businesses, including:

Business Owners: Whether you own a retail store, an online shop, or a physical storefront, you can benefit from our wholesale program.

Store Fronts: We tailor our program to meet your inventory needs if you operate a brick-and-mortar kratom store.

Distributors: For those in the distribution business, our wholesale program offers a seamless supply chain for your kratom products. We even offer drop-shipping!

Getting started with Super Speciosa’s Wholesale Program is as easy as 1-2-3:

Apply: Register here using our application form. Our dedicated team will contact you to set up your account.

Order: Once you’re accepted into our wholesale program and your account is set up, you can place orders conveniently through our online wholesale system anytime you need to restock.

Sell: We believe in making your job easier. You can track your order until it reaches your doorstep, ready for sale. All you have to do is confidently serve your customers with our quality products.

Discounts and Savings for Wholesale Customers

When you join Super Speciosa’s Wholesale Program, you unlock a world of savings and convenience. Wholesale kratom is all about buying in volume to benefit from price breaks, and with us, you could 50%. Whether you’re an established business or a budding entrepreneur, our program empowers you to offer premium kratom products without compromising your budget.

Ready to take your kratom business to the next level? Join Super Speciosa’s Wholesale Program and experience the ease, quality, and savings of partnering with a trusted industry leader.

Register for our Wholesale Program here and embark on a journey to enhance your kratom business today!

Storing Bulk Kratom: The Art of Preservation

When it comes to kratom, freshness is key. Whether you’re a kratom lover or just exploring its benefits, understanding how to store it properly ensures it maintains its potency over time. Let’s dive into the essentials of kratom storage.

Proper Storage Conditions

Storing kratom requires the right conditions:

1. Air-Tight Containers: Kratom doesn’t appreciate exposure to air; it can lead to degradation. Use air-tight, light-proof containers, avoiding plastic bags or loosely sealed ones.

2. Shield from Sunlight: Protect kratom from direct sunlight or UV light by storing it in opaque containers like dark glass jars with tight seals.

3. Banish Moisture: Moisture can turn kratom into a clumpy, ineffective mess. Keep it dry, and consider using silica gel packets or paper towels to absorb excess humidity.

4. Temperature Stability: Maintain a consistent, cool temperature to prevent kratom from degrading. Avoid heat sources like water heaters.

Shelf Life of Super Speciosa Kratom

Super Speciosa’s kratom products have a 2-year shelf life backed by third-party lab tests. However, it’s essential not to use kratom past its use-by date for safety reasons.

Avoiding Contamination

Preserving kratom goes beyond storage:

1. Rotation Schedule: Label and store batches separately with dates, using older ones first to maintain freshness.

2. Watch for Odors: Kratom can absorb strong odors, so keep it away from spicy foods. Fridges, while tempting, might introduce unwanted moisture and odors.

3. Vacuum-Sealed Bags: For long-term storage, vacuum-sealed bags work well. If using plastic bags, ensure they’re air-free by squeezing out excess air.

4. Regular Check-Ins: Periodically inspect your stored kratom for any signs of mold or decay, such as changes in color or smell.

For more in-depth guidance, visit our article on What Are the Best Ways to Store Kratom.

Different Types of Kratom Products

Super Speciosa offers a variety of kratom products, including:

  • Kratom Powder: Ground Mitragyna speciosa leaves, versatile in consumption and popular among all kratom consumers.
  • Kratom Capsules: Tasteless capsules, each containing 500 milligrams of kratom powder.
  • Kratom Tablets: Pressed kratom powder tablets, made for extra convenience and on-the-go use. Each tablet weighs 300 milligrams.
  • Kratom Gummies: Tasty gummies infused with Mitragynine for a delightful treat.
  • Flavored Kratom Powder: Flavorful kratom powder options, made for a bitter-free taste.
  • Kratom Tea & Blends: Crushed kratom leaf that come in individual pouches, with some varieties including other herbs such as chamomile to enhance the kratom experience. 
  • Kratom Extracts: Made with kratom extract powder and other delicious ingredients for a flavorful and potent kratom experience.
  • Kratom Liquids: Made with our premium kratom extract, it’s excellent by itself or in a refreshing mocktail.

Buy kratom online and get same-day shipping for orders placed before 2 PM Eastern.

Super Speciosa: A Trusted Kratom Supplier

Super Speciosa tops the ranking for best online kratom vendors among the well-reputed kratom brands in the industry. Our founders, Ken and Aaron, started Super Speciosa in 2016 with a vision of ‘kratom with a conscience.’ Our promise is safe, clean, and high-quality kratom products. 

Super Speciosa’s pure kratom tree leaf is carefully milled and handled with care because of a quality manufacturing system designed from scratch and tailored specifically for kratom to ensure the delivery of the best organic kratom products to our customers.

Super Speciosa is also highly transparent with its third-party lab tests from Cora Science for all testing: alkaloid content, microbiology, contaminants, and heavy metals. All our products come with a scannable QR code for the accompanying lab results and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

We take pride in adhering to the American Kratom Association‘s GMP Standards Program – a continuously improved and commonly accepted Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Dietary Supplements.

We provide customer support through both online and phone channels. Our dedicated customer service representatives can readily address any queries and concerns.

We commit to a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all our products. This commitment underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and building strong relationships.

Here are verified customer reviews:

“Best Kratom at a great price.”

“I’ve used several major brands for powder, and this is one of the best-priced orders for the variety and quality.”

“I love this company their customer service, especially for the integrity with the product.”

“This store is my go to for kratom. I’m finally able to determine which veins best suit my needs and when, depending on the time of day, thanks to the best quality kratom I have come in contact with.”

“I like Super Speciosa because it’s not only strong, but because Super Speciosa is very transparent, so I know exactly what I’m getting.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is kratom?

Kratom or ketum/biak comes from the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The leaf of the kratom plant is available as a dietary supplement to enhance the mind and body. Natives of Southeast Asia in Malaysia, Sumatra, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Thailand have used this herbal supplement for centuries to fight physical and mental fatigue. Traditionally, Southeast Asian natives chewed kratom leaves or brewed to make kratom tea.

Different strains of kratom can have other alkaloid blends. Generally, red vein kratom strains, such as Red Maeng Da and Red Borneo, are known for their relaxing effects. In contrast, green vein kratom and white vein kratom, such as Green Bali kratom, Green Malay kratom, and White Thai kratom, are known for energizing and stimulating effects. Read why people love kratom!

Can I store kratom in the refrigerator?

Yes, you can store kratom in the refrigerator. Kratom tea lasts up to a week before losing efficacy. Remember to avoid strong smells or odors, which can affect kratom’s taste.

Super Speciosa products come with a shelf life of 2 years. An independent lab has tested our products. The results showed no loss of potency or alkaloid strength within two years. We do not recommend taking kratom that’s past the expiration date.

Does freezing kratom extend its shelf life?

Yes, freezing kratom can effectively store kratom tea for long periods. You can also store kratom in vacuum-sealed freezer bags for the long term. 

Does kratom lose its potency over time?

Yes, kratom can lose its potency over long periods. Kratom contains active alkaloids, such as mitragynine. These alkaloids can gradually degrade and lose effectiveness if not stored properly. 

Is kratom safe?

Kratom is considered safe when consumed responsibly and within the recommended serving sizes. It is also important to avoid combining kratom with other medications or substances.

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved kratom as a dietary supplement, we at Super Speciosa make sure all of our products go through FDA standards for food and dietary supplements to ensure our products are safe for consumption. Learn more about the safety of kratom and explore research, legislation, and protocols in our blog: Is Kratom Safe?

Yes, kratom is legal on a federal level. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has not controlled or scheduled kratom at the federal level. However, kratom is still illegal in some US states, cities, and counties.

States where kratom is illegal: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Cities and counties where kratom is currently illegal: Sarasota County, FL; Union County, MS; San Diego, CA; Jerseyville, IL; Oceanside, CA; and Ontario, OR.

You are also welcome to use this page as your go-to resource on kratom legality. We regularly update this page and the kratom legality map to ensure you have the most accurate information regarding kratom legality in your state.

Are there any potential side effects of kratom?

Heavy kratom use may lead to side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, constipation, itchiness, headache, or weight loss. If you have concerns about kratom safety, read our helpful guide.Taking kratom in combination with other substances is also potentially dangerous. If you are on medication, consult a healthcare provider for medical advice. Kratom is also not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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