What is kratom tea

What Is Kratom Tea? Is It Safe?

Used for thousands of years as an herbal remedy in Southeast Asia, today kratom is used by millions of people around the world both for its wellness effects and simply for enjoyment. Made from the dried leaves of Mitragyna speciosa tree, kratom tea is just one way to consume the herb. And, it is not only a great way to enjoy the benefits of the plant, but it is also convenient for anyone who has difficulty swallowing kratom capsules.

Traditionally, the leaves were chewed or dried and brewed into tea. What is kratom tea exactly? Is it safe to consume? Here’s what you should know.

That depends. Kratom is legal on a federal level, despite the best efforts of the Drug Enforcement Authority (DEA) in 2016 to prohibit the main active components of kratom (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) and classify it as a Schedule I drug. However, there was a strong public reaction from scientists, kratom consumers, and others, and the DEA withdrew the scheduling of the herb because of the backlash.

In most states, the production, distribution, sale, and consumption of kratom products including tea are fully legal. There are currently six states in which the herb is altogether banned, including Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Kratom Tea?

Containing over 40 phytochemicals known as alkaloids, kratom has long been used as a healing remedy for many issues that hinder overall wellbeing. Alkaloids are very diverse and can have stimulant, analgesic, antibacterial, antiviral, and even anti-cancer properties. Many of the foods you eat such as peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes contain alkaloids, which can have a broad spectrum of physiological effects.

Thus, kratom tea has many potential effects on the body. At certain doses, it can help support relaxation, while at other doses, it has caffeine-like qualities. Here are four of the top benefits of tea made from kratom leaves.

  1. Kratom Can Have a Sedative-Like Effect

This may be helpful for people who have trouble sleeping or have a hard time stabilizing moods due to feelings or nervousness or restlessness. Kratom can induce feelings of euphoria at higher doses. These effects typically occur when dosage is between five and 15 grams. However, be mindful that loss of consciousness is possible in doses greater than 15 grams, though this is dependent on the strain.

  1. Kratom May Help Minimize Discomfort

Dosages between five and 15 grams may help reduce inflammation in the body and lessen your sensitivity to discomfort. One of the main components mentioned above, 7-hydroxymitragynine, is 13 times more potent than morphine.

  1. It May Provide an Energy Boost

Many people report an increase in energy after using kratom, and some people have replaced coffee with kratom tea in the morning. This typically occurs at doses between one and five grams.

  1. Kratom Helps Support Overall Wellness

One study found that kratom has immunity-enhancing effects, and there are five alkaloids in kratom that have been shown to boost your immune system: epicatechin, isomitraphylline, isoteropodine, isorhynchophylline, and mitraphylline.

How to Make Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is typically made by heating water, then adding finely ground kratom leaves or powder. While some people add honey or other sweetener to take the bitter taste away, some people prefer the earthy flavor.

You can also make kratom tea by blending it with other herbs. One delicious preparation is to combine the leaves with passion flower, licorice root, chamomile, and lime leaves.

You can prepare it in a tea bag or by placing the herbs in a coffee filter and pouring water over top of it to strain it. You can also buy premade kratom tea bags for a more convenient way to consume this beneficial herb.

Is kratom safe?

Is Kratom Tea Safe?

Kratom is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), though most herbal supplements are not, so that is not necessarily cause for concern. However, you do need to be careful sourcing kratom to ensure your product is not only effective but safe and pure. Only buy from kratom vendors that are committed to transparency, quality control, and unadulterated products that are clearly labeled.

Nearly all cases of kratom overdoses were due to unsafe kratom products that were adulterated and / or mixed with drugs, alcohol, or both.

Because kratom products are not overseen by the FDA, there are no recommended dosage guidelines from a health authority. So, you should start with the lowest possible dose to see how kratom affects you.

Most people can safely use quality kratom in tea or other form just like any other herb. However, as with any other natural herb (or anything really), there can be too much of a good thing. High doses of kratom can have undesirable side effects. 

What Are the Side Effects Of Kratom?

At excessive doses, kratom can cause constipation, dry mouth, hallucinations, increased urination, itching, loss of appetite, nausea, seizures, and sweating.

Also, because kratom is a psychoactive substance and affects opioid receptors in the brain, it can be addictive (however, there is evidence that kratom can actually reduce the potential for opioid addiction). 

Side effects from stopping kratom may include nausea, diarrhea, irritability, restlessness, and insomnia. The risk of dependence which can lead to addiction is highest for people who consume kratom multiple times daily and at more than five grams per day.

What Is Kratom From Super Speciosa?

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