What Benefits Do The Different Types of Kratom Provide?

Choosing the right type of kratom for sale can be tricky, as there seem to be so many strains. You already know you want to enjoy kratom benefits but just aren’t sure where to start since you don’t have a good understanding of kratom variations. Here’s what you need to know about types of kratom to become an empowered consumer making an informed purchase decision.


There Are 3 Main “Strains” or Types of Kratom

However, there are actually over 50 different strains in total. That’s a lot to keep track of! So, first we’re going to talk about three major types of kratom: green, red, and white.

While it is commonly believed that the color of kratom refers to the color of veins on the leaf, that is a misconception. Typically, the different-colored veins are all found on the same tree and are grown the same.

The color is actually most often caused by the drying technique after the leaves are harvested from young Mitragyna speciosa trees.

  • Green kratom leaves are first set out to dry indoors in an air-conditioned environment and are later taken outside to finish drying.
  • Red kratom leaves are dried either outdoors under the sun or indoors under a UV lamp and may be fermented.
  • White kratom leaves are typically dried indoors without any natural sunlight exposure after harvesting.

What Are the Green, Red, and White Kratom Benefits? What About Some of the Other Strains?

Okay, now you want to know what each type does and the kratom benefits of each color. But, the truth is that there is not consistency from one supplier to the next when it comes to green, red, and white kratom.

So, the alkaloid content and dosage amount are what matter when it comes to experiencing the physiological effects of this herb and not necessarily the color. However, you may end up preferring one type over the others after trying different types of kratom and believe one type to be better for you.

Even the level of alkaloids, phytochemicals found in plants, can vary quite a bit in different strains based on the time of harvest, soil acidity, weather conditions, and other factors. So, it’s important that whatever type you choose comes from a reliable vendor that ensures the Mitragyna speciosa trees were properly grown.

Containing over 40 alkaloids, the top one to look for is mitragynine, which is found in kratom leaves and breaks down into 7-hydroxymitragynine in the body. Both of these are what cause the effects of the plant.

What About Other Types of Kratom for Sale, Such as Malay, Sumatra, and Bali Kratom?

Any other strains you hear about, such as Borneo or Bali kratom, are typically named according to the location where the kratom was sourced, though that is not always the case. One exception to this rule is Maeng Da, which has been continually reported as having the highest potency of all kratom.

What’s the Scoop on Maeng Da? What Makes It so Strong?

Instead of being identified by color or origin, Maeng Da is created through a special grafting technique which combines two different plant varieties to form a new high-potency strain. The combining of the different plants is what gives it its strength.

Perhaps the most famous type of kratom in the world, Maeng Da is the preferred type for many people. The phrase literally translates as “pimp grade” in Thai, as it was originally only found deep in the jungles of Thailand. Now, Maeng Da kratom is grown in Indonesia and Malaysia also. You can find Maeng Da in green, red, and white varieties, and when you buy Maeng Da kratom for sale from a trusted source, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality of kratom.

Maeng Da botanists take special care of the nutrient-rich soil in which it grows, ensuring that it is properly fertilized and watered to produce a top-quality product. 

kratom for sale

Kratom Benefits Are Enhanced by Choosing a Quality Product

And when it comes to products, you have options! Kratom is sold as a powder, in capsule and tablet form, and in tea bags. Here’s the scoop on kratom benefits of each.

Kratom Capsules

Providing portability, you can take capsules on the go, anytime, anywhere. Kratom capsules offer convenience and are great for eliminating the very earthy taste that some find to be quite bitter in the tea and powder. 

Kratom Powder

While you can simply add kratom powder to your water, this method offers the benefit of creativity. You can come up with new ways to consume it to make the taste more pleasant. You can even find recipes online if you’re not feeling inspired. Kratom powder gives you more control over your dosage and how you consume it.

Kratom Tablets

Tablets are also dosed with precision with consistency in weight and appearance, so you know exactly how much and what you’re consuming. Like the capsules, kratom tablets mask the taste. As an added bonus, they are more easily swallowed and digested than the capsules.

Kratom Tea

To preserve the ancient ceremonial use of kratom, many people prefer to take it in tea form. Not only do you get a multi-sensory experience holding a warm cup of tea in your hand, smelling the aroma of the heated leaves, and tasting the distinct flavor of kratom tea, but it may help increase the effects since it is quickly absorbed.

When Shopping for Kratom for Sale, Do This 1 Thing!

Before you buy green Maeng Da tea bags, red Bali capsules, white Thai powder, or any other kratom type, take time to look for 100% pure organic products that offer proof of quality through third-party lab testing. You can find that right here at Super Speciosa, where our award-winning small-batch products are free from contaminants and safely made from the highest-quality kratom leaves.

Our unadulterated products including powder, capsules, tablets, and tea are third-party tested for consistency of quality in all our products. Whether you are an occasional kratom consumer or would like to buy in bulk, Super Speciosa can meet your needs with our wide selection of herbal products, each one of which is labeled with a QR code where you can access a lab certificate for transparency, traceability, and safety. 

Recognized by the American Kratom Association as a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Qualified Vendor, we carefully track our kratom through the entire production process, from planting and harvesting to packaging.

So, instead of concerning yourself over kratom strains, pick one or two (or a few!) that come in the form that’s most convenient for your lifestyle to try and see what works best for you. Just like each kratom tree and leaf are unique, so are you and what you prefer! Happy shopping!


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