Colors of Maeng Da Kratom

Green, Red, & White, Oh My! What Do the Colors of Maeng Da Kratom Mean?

Whether you’re considering kratom for its stimulating coffee-like effect in the morning, its sedative properties that may help promote sleep quality, or anything in between, there is no shortage of choice. Green kratom, red kratom, white kratom – what do all the colors mean?!

There seems to be a rainbow of color selection when it comes to kratom, though green, red, and white are the most common. And many kratom strains also include the location it was harvested in the name as well. One exception to this is Maeng Da kratom, the name of which comes from a Thai slang phrase meaning “pimp grade” because of its high quality.

The Colors Indicate Differences in the Kratom Leaf – But Not in the Way You Might Expect

Are there different types of kratom plants? Does red kratom come from a plant that has red leaves? And green kratom from a plant with green leaves?

All kratom comes from the Mitragyna speciosa plant, an evergreen tree in the coffee family.

So, how is the color classified? While it’s commonly believed that the different colors of kratom are describing the color of the veins of the leaves, the difference in green, red, and white kratom stems mostly from the drying process. But, the time of harvest can also play a role in the color.

Think about a cup of black tea. Or green tea. Or white tea. Where do their colors come from?

Just like all tea comes from leaves of the Camellia sinensis tree, all kratom comes from Mitragyna speciosa.

Kratom leaves classified as green are first dried indoors in an air-conditioned room. Then they are taken outside to finish the drying process. Red kratom has been dried indoors under a UV lamp or outdoors under the sun. Red kratom may or may not be fermented. White kratom has been devoid of sunlight exposure after harvesting and is dried indoors.

What Is the Difference in the Effects of Green Maeng Da Kratom, Red Maeng Da Kratom, and White Maeng Da Kratom?

Green kratom, red kratom, and white kratom are each known for different benefits, some of which aren’t tied to the type necessarily but rather the dosage. That means a lot of the benefits overlap between the different colors.

Green Maeng Da kratom can help improve concentration and to improve your mood. Users typically take green kratom earlier in the day to remain energized and focused. It’s also commonly used by people who experience feelings of anxiousness.

Red Maeng Da kratom is especially potent. Red kratom is useful as both a stimulant and sedative, helping users to stay focused during the day or relax at night depending on the dosage. Perhaps its most well-known use is in alleviating discomfort without the side effects that are commonly experienced from use of synthetic forms.

White Maeng Da kratom can act as a mood enhancer, concentration booster, and discomfort alleviator. It is often used to induce feelings of euphoria. This effect can help reduce feelings of anxiousness and support a better response by the body to stressors. White kratom’s energizing effects can be useful for students and professionals.

More important than what kratom strain you use is what dosage you use. Each strain of Maeng Da kratom can induce most of these benefits if the proper dosage is used.

Dosing Green Maeng Da Kratom, Red Maeng Da Kratom, White Maeng Da Kratom: How Much Should You Take?

Finding the right dose of Maeng Da depends on your personal needs. You may need to change your dosage based on what effects you’re looking for.

Every strain shares a similar dosage guideline despite their differences. In general, doses tend to be between 2g to 12g, though anything over 6 grams is considered a high dose and should be monitored by a healthcare professional. Anything under 2g is considered a microdose.

Instinctively, you may think that the more you take, the more energy you feel. However, that is not the case. Kratom provides more stimulating sensations at lower doses, such as 2g to 5g, while 5 or more grams will most often produce a sedative or euphoric effect.

These dosages vary from user to user. What strain you’re using, your body weight, any tolerance for kratom you’ve built, and many other factors can affect your reaction to kratom.

Which Type of Maeng Da Kratom Is Best for You?

Red kratom, white kratom, and green kratom all have similar effects and minor differences. Each strain can produce most of the positive effects of kratom using the right dosage, so the potency of each strain is important to consider. Red Maeng Da kratom is the most potent. Green Maeng Da kratom is the least potent, though it can still produce the same benefits as any strain. White falls between the two in potency.

Your choice between red, green, or white kratom comes down to preference. Small differences like taste or availability might be enough to make you choose one or the other. You really can’t go wrong. No matter what strain you choose, you can find the same beneficial effects.

Is There a Difference in Taking Maeng Da Kratom Capsules vs. Kratom Tea or Other Products?

Kratom capsules have become popular as a convenient way to experience the benefits, as have tablets. Capsules reduce the intense flavor of kratom, making them palatable for new users, while tablets offer the benefit of being absorbed faster. While these options may not be as traditional as kratom tea or other native methods of use, they are an excellent choice to get the benefits of kratom conveniently.

As long as you follow the same dosage, it doesn’t matter whether you drink your kratom or swallow it in pill form when it comes to what effects you’ll experience.

Where Can You Get Top-Quality Green Maeng Da Kratom, Red Maeng Da Kratom, and White Maeng Da Kratom?

Super Speciosa provides high-quality Maeng Da kratom products including capsules, powder, tablets, and tea bags. With fast shipping, affordable prices, and a quality guarantee, AKA GMP-Certified Super Speciosa is an excellent choice for anyone interested in kratom! To browse our excellent selection of red kratom, green kratom, and white kratom products to find what’s best for you, shop now!


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