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December 2018 kratom supply update.

Dear friends,

Many kratom shipments from Indonesia to the United States have been seized over the last several weeks. This has resulted in a shortage of supply and additional costs. We are working hard to continue to provide our customers with a quality product that is consistently available, but it has been challenging.

For more information please read this message from the American Kratom Association.

We have been reluctant to raise our prices to offset these additional costs, but to keep our shelves stocked, we are being forced to do so. We are raising the prices on kilograms of our kratom powders from $119.99 to $139.00. All other prices will remain the same. Until our supply chain stabilizes we will not be able to offer discounts.

We are optimistic that these changes are only temporary but it is to soon to know for sure. Our team will continue to work diligently to ensure our high-quality products remain available, orders are shipped quickly, and our customer service is reliable.

Update: Several items are out of stock. We are expected to have our kratom powders restocked before the end of the week (12/15).

If you have any questions please email us at

Thank you for your continued support,

The Super Speciosa Team

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