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Update: The Future of Kratom in Nevada,Tennessee and Colorado

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The future of kratom in Nevada was at precarious risk when the Nevada Board of Pharmacy announced that they planned to hold a public hearing to discuss adding kratom to the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance list which would effectively ban the herb throughout the state. However, on April 6th the agenda was updated, and the Nevada BOP removed kratom from the schedule.

Undoubtedly, the decision of the Nevada BOP was in direct response to the flood of comments the action had spurred throughout the kratom community. In addition, the American Kratom Association (AKA) had threatened legal action. Despite the victory, the AKA still continues to encourage kratom advocates to share their stories with Nevada officials and state representatives.

Nevada’s BOP cannot bring kratom back onto the agenda this year, but that does not mean it won’t again make a push to change the status of kratom in the upcoming year. The AKA continues to push everyone in the kratom community to remain on their toes and prepare to stand up for their right to purchase and use kratom.

Many staff who act with the BOP continue to oppose the legality of kratom within Nevada which brings home the need to take a proactive stance to ensure that kratom remains legal in the state.

Attention Tennessee Kratom Protectors

News from the Tennessee Committee hearing on HB 2043, which included an Amendment to criminalize kratom: HB 2043 passed to House Calendar and rules WITHOUT the kratom Amendment Section (HB 2043 passed just as the Senate Bill was written.)

The Chairman of the House Finance Committee quipped that the email boxes had been full — she said it was time call the dogs off on the grassroots. HB 2043 will be on the House Floor Wednesday the 27th or Thursday the 28th.  

VERY unlikely any amendment will be offered, but the AKA Legislative Team will be watching. Information is courtesy of the AKA.

Colorado Kratom Consumer Protection Act Hearing

The Colorado Senate has passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act and now the Colorado House will hold a hearing on the KCPA on Wednesday April 27th. We encourage all Colorado residents and kratom protectors to submit testimony.  Updates courtesy of the AKA.