Super Speciosa has been a leading force in kratom since 2016, and we’ve certified by the American Kratom Association since 2019. We began with a simple goal: to provide safe, high-quality kratom in an industry all too often known for dangerous additives and questionable practices, and that goal is our driving force to this day. We’re committed to excellence and providing the highest quality products on the market, and the satisfaction of our customers is our #1 priority.

Whether you’re working in the warehouse with our in-house kratom packaging equipment, handling calls and emails in customer service, or taking on a corporate role, at Super Speciosa, you’re a vital part of the best kratom provider on the market.



We pride ourselves in fostering relationships with customers based on trust. They always know exactly what they’re getting in their purchases, and if they’re ever unhappy, we make it right. 


Transparency is hugely important in the kratom industry so our customers know everything from where we get our kratom to how we package and seal it. Every step of our process is held to the highest standards.

Customer Experience

From the moment a customer decides to trust us with their kratom needs, we’re there. We guarantee their satisfaction from start to finish and beyond. 


Kratom is still a misunderstood topic, so we’re committed to providing proper education to our customers and the world at large.


We developed a first-of-its-kind production facility customized to meet the unique needs of creating a clean and trustworthy kratom product. Our team is consistently at the leading edge of kratom product development.


Growth Opportunities.

Super Speciosa is a fairly young company, which means you can grow with us. We have unlimited expansion opportunities. Don’t feel like you have to be a kratom expert to apply -- we’re happy to help you learn!

Competitive Compensation.

We offer above industry standard pay as well as frequent rewards, bonuses, and merit-based compensation.

Helping Others.

Super Speciosa provides products that people need. Kratom truly helps our customers, so you can take personal pride in being a part of something that adds value to our world.

Supportive and Flexible Culture.

Your schedule will be flexible and accommodating. We’re a team who supports each other and encourages collaboration.

Join Us

Join us in helping provide the highest quality products to our customers by submitting
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