New Product Announcement: DUA Enhanced Kratom Powder

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Table of Contents

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Today marks a definitive moment in Super Speciosa history. In recent months, our team has been innovating tirelessly to enhance the kratom experience for our customers. From special batches to innovative extract products, we have been committed to best your kratom experience every day, every hour.

Today, we are releasing yet another powerful kratom powder batch. With 2% absolute MIT content, Dua Enhanced Kratom Powder is a heavy-hitter for sure. But what makes Dua a first of the firsts?

Dua – A New 2.0% MIT Enhanced Powder Batch

Dua is the first enhanced kratom product in our kratom powder selection. The name comes from the origin country we source all the best kratom: Indonesia. In Indonesian, ‘Dua’ means two, indicating the 2.0% mitragynine content.

As always transparency is our specialty. View Dua’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) here.

While we have released similar products in other categories, kratom powder customers have long missed super-strength kratom powders like the Big Bang 2.0 – which sold out in record-breaking time.

The Blending Science Behind Dua Enhanced

Dua is a blend of kratom extract powder and green vein kratom powder, comparable to how Emerald Select Enhanced Kratom Capsules are formulated.

The extract powder enhances the leaf powder, boosting the alkaloid levels for consistent strength and an intense kratom experience.

How to Make the Best of Dua Enhanced?

With energizing effects that will last you throughout the day, the green vein effects of Dua are strong and unwavering. Perfect for increasing your daily productivity, take a morning serving to smash your to-do list and get ahead of your day with boosted focus and concentration.

You can also use Dua for mountain hikes, intensive physical activities, and training regimens.

What to Expect From Dua Enhanced Kratom Powder

This enhanced blend provides effects similar to Big Bang 2.0. Here’s how much our customers loved Big Bang 2.0: 

“This could be my favorite strain I’ve ever had from Super Speciosa. It could be the best strain I’ve ever had from anyone. So fire!” – Shay B.

“I took this the same way I take my regular K, and thank goodness I did because this stuff hits HARD! I’m not sleepy, but I just feel content which is a rare feeling.”

“It’s awesome, the best! Wanted to order more but it sold out in a few days.”

2g is all you need – Serving Size for Dua Enhanced Kratom Powder

Dua is consistent to the core and offers an intensified experience, unlike regular kratom powders. Mix 2g with water or juice. Do not exceed 4g per 24 hours.

Super Speciosa’s Kratom Legacy

As leaders in the industry, we pride ourselves in quality, safe products. Browse through our wide-selection of premium kratom products:

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Why Buy From Super Speciosa?

There’s no better way to determine the quality of kratom than third-party laboratory testing. Don’t be afraid to ask for lab certificates. We here at Super Speciosa have no problems with sharing ours, and we don’t see why any legitimate vendor would.

Our cGMP processes adhere to strict documentation, lab testing, and manufacturing procedures. Super Speciosa’s transparency is unmatched, providing you with detailed batch numbers and precise lab test reports for the product you hold.

We follow industry guidelines for contaminants, alkaloids, and heavy metals, including those from the American Herbal Products Association and NSF.

As always, the AKA GMP-Qualified seal of approval represents our commitment to industry standard safety practices in production and packaging.


In sum, get your hands on the new Dua Enhanced Kratom Powder today to experience a powerful blend of kratom powder and kratom extract powder for an intensified experience. 

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